10 Cigar Gifts That Every Cigar Lover Will Enjoy!

What Cigar Gifts To Give To Those Cigar Aficionados?

If you have that close friend, or even relative, maybe even your father or brother, who is considered to be a cigar aficionado and you would like to give them a precious gift then there are actually a lot of ideas that you can use.

This can definitely fit any type of occasion and of course with the cigar gift ideas, you can definitely put a smile on your recipient’s face. Of course, the 10 cigar gift ideas will definitely involve cigars and all of the accessories that can be related to them.

Cigar Gifts From High End Cigars To Durable Lighters!

Cigars: The best pack of branded cigars is considered to be one of the best cigar gift ideas for those cigar aficionados on your gift list. A pack of their favorite cigars is more than just enough to give them that simple delight.

Also, you can try searching for those expensive and branded cigars so that you could give your family and friends a taste of luxury, but only if you have the funds because high end luxury cigars are quite expensive.

Cigar lighter: You can choose from those handy ones with a simple style to that of the elegant ones made of 100% stainless steel metal. There are many luxury lighters to choose from, including table top cigar lighters.

The one I like the best and has the best reviews is the EX Windproof Flame Lighter made with Gunmetal:

In addition you can also customize the lighters and make it more personalized with engraved or printed names.

Cigar Gifts Include These Cigar Assortments To Attractive Cigar Cases!

Cigar assortments: An assortment of cigars can include a pack of different cigars with a certain item like a lighter or a cutter together with the package. This can be recommendable if you want to somehow save more for the price of many accessories.

You can go with a low cost but good quality cigar assortment like this one from Famous Smoke Shop:

small cigar assortment
Small Cigar Assortment from Famous Cigar Chop

Or you can purchase a more expensive assortment like this one from Cigars International:

Cigars International Cigar Assortment
Cigars International Cigar Assortment

Cigar cases: These can either be made of metal or even leather. Just like cell phone cases or wallets, these cigar cases can serve to protect their cigars. The designs of these cases can even make it look as if they are not really carrying cigars because they can be very stylish.

This low cost gift is an excellent choice for the cigar gifter on a budget, the Perfecto 3-cigar Case:

Perfecto Cigar Case
Perfecto Cigar Case

If you can afford a few more dollars this one is an excellent choice, the Xikar 2 Piece Aluminum Cigar Tube Set with Leatherette Case:

Luxury Cigar Case
Small Luxury Cigar Case

Here is a list of the top cigar travel cases which make great cigar gifts.

Cigar Cutters, Lighters, and Ashtrays!

Cigar cutter: You can’t go wrong with a cigar cutter, and the Cuban Crafters Stainless Steel Perfecto Cigar Cutter is ideal because it’s a quality piece, and it’s not very expensive.

Cuban Cigar Cutter
Cuban Cigar Cutter

A pair of scissors just for cutting your cigar is a good alternative as well.

Cigar cutter and lighter combination: This is perhaps the best accessory for a cigar lover who is on the go. A combination cigar cutter and lighter all in one saves time, and if you get a good one like the Colibri Radius Chrome Satin Gunmetal Punch & Cutter Cigar Lighter it will last a long time.

Cigar Cutter Lighter
Cigar Cutter Lighter

Unfinished Cigar Box: The cigar box, otherwise known as a cigar humidor, can be a very thoughtful gift for the cigar smoker that likes to work with wood and build their own things. An unfinished cigar box is a gift that can make a lasting impression. Plus you can always bug them and ask if the, ‘Finished the cigar box you got them.”

Unfinished Wood Cigar Box
Unfinished Wood Cigar Box

Ash tray: The ash tray is definitely a must have for cigar aficionados together with the humidors which can be truly helpful for them. One of my favorites in terms of quality, price, and an extra cutter is the Folding Wood Cigar Ashtray with Cutter. It folds to hide the ashes from your wife or girlfriend, and it looks nice.

Folding Wood Cigar Ashtray
Folding Wood Cigar Ashtray

But the luxury cigar ashtray make ideal cigar gifts. The El Casco is high on this list:

luxury cigar ashtray
Luxury Cigar Ashtray

Humidors: Cigar humidors are a must have for every cigar lover. There are all shapes and sizes. There are walk in humidors, luxury humidors etc. But the most common is a desktop humidor. Here is a list of the best cheap humidors. Here is a list of the best luxury humidors.

Cigar Punch: A cigar punch punches a hole in a cigar so that you can start your cigar. It’s an alternative to a cigar cutter. So ask your cigar lover which he or she prefers. A cutter or a punch? Here are some of the better punches on the market.

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