100 Count Humidors!

What is the best 100 count humidor for the money?

For the cigar connoisseur who is serious about cigars a proper humidor is required to keep cigars fresh for many years.

In some cases certain cigars are purchased to be enjoyed on special occasions or they are brought from overseas. But keeping these cigars fresh is very important to protecting your investment.

By controlling the humidity that your cigars are stored is best done with a humidor. If you want to keep a good number of cigars fresh the following are the top 4 100 count cigar humidors are the best for your money.

The 100 cigar count Bally II:

bally 2 cigar humidorbally 2 humidor interiorThe bally II is an excellent option when it comes to humidors. With a beautiful dark mahogany finish and a see through glass top the construction will compliment just about any d├ęcor. There is a great organizer to separate and categorize your cigars as well as a proper lock and key mechanism to ensure they are kept safe and that the humidity is kept at the perfect level. This is a great option because it can hold and categorize many cigars and keep humidity well, and also has a great construction, and value.

Cuban Crafters Rosewood Display Cigar Humidor 100 Count:

100 count humidor

cuban crafters humidor open display
I love this three tray style humidor. It takes up a fair amount of space but keenly displays cigars in a glass cabinet crafted with Bubinga rosewood. Humidity is displayed on gauges outside the unit and it comes with a full lock and key.

This is a great option because all of the cigars can be clearly seen in the window to take an active stock of your inventory. Cigars are showcased and not hidden and the cabinet works as a piece of furniture to accessories a room. Being able to organize and display your cigars elegantly, as well as keep them fresh is why this unit is among the best humidors on the market.

The Old World 100 Cigar Count Humidor:

old world cigar humidor100 count old world cigar humidor interiorThis beautiful humidor is crafted from brass and walnut and features one of the strongest constructions on the market for a humidor. The globe finish makes it blend in perfectly in an office or on a bookshelf adding to a sophisticated and gentlemanly decoration scheme.

It features a sure seal lid which ensures the perfect seal and humidity control on your humidor. While some humidors may have slight leaks which may cause cigars to spoil, this model is such a solid construction humidity is controlled to the absolute. There are dividers but this model does not have a clear glass top to display the cigars. It still works perfectly and has a very interesting and unique design which will make it stand out in form and function against other humidors.

Bally Cigar Humidor:

bally 100 count cigar humidor
This is one of the most affordable and effective humidors on the market. Constructed of Spanish cedar with a clear top and a solid lock this humidor has all of the features of the best humidors on the market but comes at a reduced cost.

This model is quite compact and able to fit into most decors. The external hygrometer shows the exact humidity at all times inside the humidor and there is plenty of space for nearly 100 cigars. This humidor is one of the most functional humidors on the market in its price point. Although it may not look as elegant as the other three, it works just as well.

Considering these 4 options you are certain to get the best 100 count cigar humidor for your money. Each of these products is an excellent choice and will surely keep your cigars fresh for many years.

But which 100 count humidor is the best?

In my opinion, the Bally cigar humidor is the best overall 100 cigar humidor because of the pricing and quality. If price wasn’t much of a factor I would go with either the Cuban Crafters or the Old World humidor listed above, depending on the room I would be using them in most. However, they are all good choices.

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