2 Best Cigar Scissors Based Upon Price and Quality!

Cuban Crafters Cigar Scissors
Trip Blade Cigar Scissors

Here we discuss the best cigar scissors with price being the main variable, but without sacrificing too much quality. If you want the best cigar cutters regardless of price you should read this article. Without further adieu, lets begin:

Smoking is very much a social custom and is often associated with high society and celebratory occasions. In a way, smoking cigars is an art that involves more than simply inhaling and exhaling. In fact, the true cigar aficionados rarely inhale the smoke but rather swirl it around in their mouths.

But in order to begin the experience, the end “cap” of the cigar must be cut. If not done properly, the cigar will be ruined and burn unevenly. Using the right cigar cutter scissors is important to the process.

Cigars symbolize high social standing and prestige, particularly when they are of the high quality associated with cigars that come from exotic places like South America. Any cigar aficionado knows that a good cigar is expensive. An inferior pair of cigar scissors can crush or split the cigar, ruining it permanently and wasting money. Having a great pair of cutters or scissors ensures that a clean cut that will enable the consumer to receive his money’s worth.

Best 2 Cigar Scissors!

Compact and no-fuss, the Thompson Cigar Cutter Tri Scissor is crafted with beautiful wooden handles. These cigar scissors deliver a swift cut time after time. The stainless steel blades are maintain their sharp quality and are guaranteed to give consumers years of satisfactory service. Customers laude it as well designed and easy to use. Its unique design makes them a one-of-a-kind cutter that comes at an affordable price all cigar smokers will appreciate.

thompson cigar scissors
Thompson cigar cutter scissors

The Cuban Crafters Revolucion is a cigar scissor cutter designed to fit cigars of various sizes. The company is so confident in the quality of these cigar cutters that they back their product with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. These cutters, crafted from surgical stainless steel, are a truly magnificent pair of cigar scissors for multiple reasons.

Cigar Scissors
Cuban Crafters Revolucion Cigar Cutter Scissors

First, they accommodate all sizes, which simplifies matters tremendously and allows the consumer the freedom to shop for whichever type of cigar he fancies. Second, the handles on these cigar scissors have a wide design that makes them reasonably comfortable and easy to use.

Finally, the Cuban Crafters Revolucion cigar cutter features a 3-blade cutting system that delivers a clean slice every time. The blades close in around the cigar, rotating in a circle, to deliver even pressure and a clean cut. This design prevents splitting and crushing of the cigar so that they can be enjoyed for all their worth. Additionally, the blades are self-sharpening which keeps them razor sharp. Cigar smokers need never bother with maintaining the blades.

Having one of the top cigar cutters will get a good smoke off to a great start for beginners and cigar aficionados alike. High quality cigars can only be appreciated when cut properly, and having the right cigar scissors will ensure a great experience every time.

The 2 cigar scissors discussed here are the best in terms of price and quality. Certainly you can pay much more for higher quality scissor cutters, and you may want to consider that option because the better quality will ensure a better cut, which is vital to your smoking experience.

However, these are the best cigar scissors you can find for the price. Enjoy!

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