4 Good Cheap Humidors!

Cheap Humidor WINNER:

The Capri Cigar Humidor.

Cheap Humidor Winner
The Best Cheap Humidor!

The Capri humidor is the winner of our cheap humidor review because what you get for the money is quite impressive. Here’s the skinny:

Here is a detailed analysis of cheap humidors and what else is available at low prices…

While humidors can cost a good amount, the best cheap humidors are entirely dependent on your definition of the word “cheap.”  But before we go talking about price, perhaps we should define exactly what a humidor is, and why you would need one.

What is a Humidor?

A humidor is a box that has been specially made to hold cigars and to maintain the proper humidity level for the cigars.  Humidors have two parts; a box that holds the cigars and some sort of device that controls the humidity level.  You can find humidors in a seemingly infinite number of sizes, but there are a few things that any decent humidor (regardless of its price) should have in common if they are going to do the job of keeping the cigar properly stored.

Cheap Humidor
Cherry wood Cheap Humidor

There are plenty of humidors that boast of air-tight seals, but this is not recommended as cigars need to be able to “breathe” in order to age properly (and the right humidifier in the box will compensate with the right amount of moisture to that which is lost through the non-sealed box).

Finally, a good humidor should be lined inside with either Poplar or Spanish cedar.  The lining itself should not be lacquered or even painted, but should just be plain wood.  Avoid American Red Cedar if possible as it can damage the flavor of the cigars.

The size of humidor that you choose is entirely up to you.  Most are advertised with a cigar limit number (50, 100, 150 and so forth).  The number of cigars it actually holds will depend on what size and kind of cigars you are storing in it.  You will be able to store more of the smaller cigars – fewer of the larger types.

What Defines a “Cheap” Humidor?

Depending on the size of the humidor, the wood it is made out of and the kind of humidifier technology that it uses, a humidor can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  But even if your budget is far less than that, you can find a few options for under $50.00.

The CC-Clasico Rosa Humidor.

The CC-Clasico Rosa is a beautiful piece.  It holds up to 100 cigars, is made out of glossed rosewood and has a Spanish cedar interior.  This beauty can be had for as low as $49.99 (though its full listing price is $149).  Check the discount sites, and you will probably find one for under $50.00.

CC-Clasico Humidor
CC-Clasico Rosa Humidor

Cherry Executive Cigar Humidor.

The Cherry Executive Cigar Humidor by CigarExtras is a simple humidor, but very well made for all of that.  Made of solid cherry wood and lined with Spanish cedar, this humidor only holds up to 50 cigars, but its price (just $26.99) is optimal for the cigar enthusiast who is just starting out.

Executive Cigar Humidor
Cherry Executive Cigar Humidor

The Mahogany 75 Count Humidor.

The Mahogany 75 Count Humidor by Thompson Cigars is an incredible value.  Not only does it hold up to 75 cigars, it is made out of mahogany veneer and has a Spanish cedar lining as well as a Humidifier and hygrometer for just $49.95.

Mahogany Humidor 75 Count
The Mahogany 75 Count Humidor

Orleans Tobacco Leaf Humidor.

The Orleans Tobacco Leaf Humidor is not solid wood, but it does have a solid wood veneer that helps to keep the cigars fresh.  It holds up to 25 cigars, but is well-crafted and only costs $44.99.

Tobacco Leaf Humidor
Orleans Tobacco Leaf Humidor

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