7 Luxury Cigar Travel Cases!

Travel Cigar Case
Luxury Travel Cigar Case - See Below For Information On This One.

Cigar travel cases may help protect your cigars and keep the fresh while traveling for vacation or work.

A typical travel case is a cigar accessory that typically has a hard case shell. They can be bought in different sizes; the bigger the case the more cigars can be stored.

Cigar aficionados must have a cigar at hand or on demand. That’s why a cigar travel case is ideal for just about any cigar smoker.

Looking for the best cigar case is very easy. You may find a wide variety of cigar travel cases in many online shops. Some of the cigar cases available online are made from exotic wood, stainless steel, leather, and plastic. But what we are covering here are the higher end, luxury travel cases…

Most of them can store 5-10 cigars at a time, while there are others that just carry one cigar for short trips or to stash it.

To guide you in choosing the best cigar travel case, here are some popular and most sold cigar cases ever:

CAO LX2 Cigar Travel Case:

This 5.75 inch cigar case has a velvety texture that covers the hard shell. It also has a cedar interior lining that can keep your cigars fresh at all times. Its exterior is covered with good quality leather, giving it a more elegant look.

CAO Cigar Travel Case
CAO LX2 Cigar Travel Case

Cuban Crafters 3 Finger Brown Leather Cigar Travel Case

This stunning leather travel cigar case is best for taking your cigar anywhere. Its leather has an exquisite brown finish which adds further add functionality and beauty. It can hold three cigars and they may be kept in perfect condition until you are ready to use them.

Cuban Crafters Cigar Travel Case
Cuban Crafters 3 Finger Brown Leather Cigar Travel Case

Cigar Mechanics 30 Count Travel Case

This cigar case may be used for any extreme condition because it has dustproof, rustproof, unbreakable and waterproof properties. It can hold as much as 30 cigars, which allow you to share them with your friends. It is made from molded polypropylene and has a revolutionized shock-resistant foam interior. It also has an airtight seal and optimum humidity which prevents molds from forming.

Cigar Mechanics Travel Case
Cigar Mechanics 30 Count Travel Case

Perdomo Logo 4 Cigar Case

It has a Perdomo Cigars logo stamped in its upper portion and is covered by a chestnut-brown leather. This cigar travel case can house as much as 4 cigars.

Perdomo Logo Cigar Case
Perdomo Logo 4 Cigar Case

Intica Single Watch Brown Lizard Leather Cigar Style Travel Case

This 7 7/8″ x 3 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ cigar case has a very sleek and compact design. It may be fit inside the breast pocket or suit, making it an ideal smoking companion for all occasion. It has a trendy hard shell design with high class leather on the outside. This cigar travel case comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty and is highly recommended for travelers.

Intica Cigar Travel Case
Intica Single Watch Brown Lizard Leather Cigar Style Travel Case

Perfecto 3-cigar Case

This affordable compact travel case is perfect for any kinds of cigar; however, only three cigars may be store inside. It is made from crush-proof plastic, which secures your expensive cigars before you decide to light them.

Perfecto Cigar Case
Perfecto 3-cigar Case

Xikar envoy single cigar case:

This single travel cigar case fits cigars as large as 54 ring gauge. The stitching is top notch, and the inner lining is elegant and your cigar will thank you for the nice feel. The case cannot be crushed unless under significant strain, and the metal caps top it off as a true luxury single cigar case.

Xikar envoy single cigar case black
Xikar envoy single cigar case

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