A Quick Guide to Cigar Storage

Storing cigars properly is the only way to ensure that they will still taste great in several years. Great storage also means that they will remain intact, and won’t light on fire due to excessive dryness. Sometimes, if a cigar isn’t stored properly, it can become moldy.

cigar storage
Stored Cigars

It doesn’t matter what your budget happens to be; storing cigars is actually very inexpensive. If you’re new to smoking cigars, and need some advice on how to store those new cigars, keep reading.

One of the biggest myths of the cigar smoking world is that cigars need to be stored in a humidor. Cigars should never be stored in direct UV light. Lining an icebox (similar to the ones you bring to the beach full of soda) with some cedar makes a perfect humidor-replacement. Others store their cigars in the refrigerator or freezer, however, this isn’t as great an option. As long as cigars are kept at a low temperature, away from light and too much humidity, you should be alright.

Temperature is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when storing tobacco products. Avoid storing them above 75 degrees Farenheit, and keep the humidity between 75% and 65% relative humidity levels. When storing your cigars, it’s also crucial to avoid too much friction. Don’t store them too tightly; a loose cigar is prone to tearing. Once a cigar tears, it’s extremely difficult to salvage it. Cigar aficionados who are knowledgeable about cigar storage tend to follow the 70/70 rule. This means that cigars are stored best when they are left at 70 degrees Farenheit, and at a 70% relative humidity level.

Of course, buying a humidor is a must when you are a cigar collector. Humidors are specially-designed storage cases (or in some cases, areas) which are made to store a cigar effortlessly. They can store, preserve, and age cigars to their optimum levels. Humidors are generally boxes that are lined with cedar (or a similar wood), and have a special humidification system installed inside. Most high-quality humidors also have a hygrometer, which measures the humidity level of the humidor. Choosing the right humidor is a good way to ensure that your cigars will still be amazing in 10, 15, or 20 years.

It is very possible to find an inexpensive humidor which won’t cost too much money. On online auction sites, secondhand humidors are often on sale for highly discounted prices. Two cigar caddies (mini humidors) can be as low as $10 to $20, while large humidors can cost approximately $200. Browsing different sites will help you get the humidor you need, at a price you can afford.

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