Aged Cigars and How To Age a Cigar

Aged CigarsAged Cigars Taste Better? How Old Is Your Cigar?

Cigar aficionados enjoy the pleasure of smoking a well aged cigar. A well aged cigar will have richer flavors and an overall look that is pleasing to the eye and mouth. Aged cigars are like fine wines, they are better with age. The more aged a cigar is, the better it will burn and taste. Where can you find and purchase one of these well-aged cigars? You can go out and spend loads of money on a box of pricey, vintage cigars. Or, you can pocket that cash and experiment with some aging of your own. Here are some tips to help you on your way.

The first tip to an aged cigar is patience. You must be patient in order to develop a nicely aged cigar. Cigars need to be aged a minimum of a year to develop the flavors and taste you are looking for. In order to reap the rewards a well-aged cigar can bring you, you need to start the process with some high quality aged cigars. Aging lower quality cigars, doesn’t improve the taste much and can end up being a waste of time. High quality cigars which have overpowering tastes or smells are just what you are looking for to start the aging process. Truth is, most high quality cigars only get better with age.

In order to age your cigars, you need a high quality humidor. Cigars will need to be stored and then left alone. Follow the 70-70 rule. Simply put, humidity needs to constantly be at 70%, and the temperature should stay at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is important to keep your aged cigars in a stable environment. Try to keep the 70-70 rules constant for temperature and humidity. If you go any higher than 70 your cigars may become moldy; anything less and the aging process stops. You want a stable environment; one that is constantly changing can do serious damage to your cigars. Drastic changes in temperatures or humidity can cause the cigars to expand or contract, breaking the wrappers and interrupting the aging process. You want there to be plenty of room in the humidor, about twice the size of the cigars. The humidor’s lining should be cedar; cedar is aromatic and will increase the flavors of the cigars. Over time, the tobacco oils and cedar oils will start to combine, blending a rich mixture of flavors and smells together. You won’t be able to get this mixture of flavors without the complexity of the aging process.

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