Alec Bradley The Bump Ashtray

ALEC-BRADLEY-THE-BUMP-ASHTRAYHere’s my review of the Alec Bradley The Bump Ashtray

Face it. Finding an ashtray large enough to accommodate both your smoking pleasure and that of your friends can be a royal pain.

They are usually too shallow, making it necessary to dump them every few minutes, or, if they are large enough, they are too large to look like a tasteful accessory.

What you want, is an ashtray modest enough that it doesn’t take up your entire desk and deep enough to not have ashes flying all over the place. The Alec Bradley “The Bump” ashtray was built exactly with this problem in mind.

This limited edition ceramic ashtray stands on four squat legs, broad enough to prevent tilt, and with a bowl deep enough that you and your friends can smoke comfortably without having to empty the ashtray every few minutes.

Its smooth, classical lines will compliment any home and office decor, and its roomy base is comfortable enough to even shelter your smoking utensils. There will be no complaints of scattered ashes with this tray designed specifically for cigars. It’s hard enamel surface will make for easy cleaning, keeping it shiny and new looking for years.

The ash tray is jet black, with the new logo of the Alec Bradley collection stamped inside the bowl, along with four well-placed cigar rests, just the right size for placing your Churchill’s.

Even the box, designed in gay, psychedelic colors is a collector’s piece you won’t want to throw away, and chances are, your wife won’t let you. Feel like a king each time you sit down to smoke with the classiest ashtray ever designed for cigar smokers.

The price is not bad either. For just under $35 you will get a quality ashtray that will complement most rooms in your home, office, or even a bar or restaurant.

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