Amalfi Humidor Review

Amalfi Humidor – Walnut Finish: If you’re an incurable “Cuban” lover who absolutely must have his cigar and brandy after dinner, then this exquisite humidor is crafted specially for you.

Made from special high-quality Spanish cedar dried in a kiln, and Maple veneer in a French-style distressed walnut finish, this painstakingly created masterpiece will be the cynosure of all eyes that are lucky enough to enter your private den!

almafi humidor

Are you a heavy smoker? No problem, because this humidor can hold 50 – 75 cigars quite comfortably! So, when that next consignment of special Cubans comes in, you know you’ll always have a home for them.

The in-built hygrometer will tell you how comfy they are at all times! Wonder how the seal is maintained on this wooden work of art? It’s the Sureseal technology that achieves this, so you’ll never have to worry about your cigars losing their moistness even in the driest of weather.

If you’re concerned about the analog gauge or don’t trust those versions, why not get a separate digital device for your own satisfaction and see how it matches up? Most times, it will, and admirably so, too.

The Amalfi Humidor measures 15 X 10.5 X 7.5 inches, and weighs in at a solid 5 lbs. The design is inspired by antique furniture, and this unit will go very well with a classic “den” or “study” that defines a man’s private space. Tons of additional features can be found, including a brass nameplate that can be engraved with your initials, and an antique-style brass pull that gives it a truly authentic and classic look.

Most customers find that this exquisite piece is neither flashy nor overly extravagant. It’s merely a well-made humidor that looks good and serves its purpose perfectly well. The humidity is maintained at the precise level required because the seal is so effective, and several users have testified to the efficacy of this seal in achieving optimal moisture conditions for their precious cigars.

The best part: you can control the amount of humidity you need by simple adding a few drops of water when the level drops below what it should be. The glass hygrometer is quite accurate at letting you know when this happens. If you open the humidor a few times a day in dry weather, you might be adding more water than others, but this is perfectly normal.

The Almafi cigar humidor a great gift idea for that beloved cigar smoker in your family. Or, you can give it to a casual friend, ensuring that you now have a friend for life!

inside almafi humidorWives or Significant Partners – give one to your loved one on his birthday and never have to worry about wasted cigars and wasted money ever again! A gift like this will ensure that his love and adoration for his spouse grows by leaps and bounds, and he’ll proudly display it to his friends every chance he gets!

What is probably the best thing about this classic, antique-style Amalfi Humidor, however, is its price. Normally, you’d expect to pay a pretty sum for something like this – possibly in the range of a few hundred dollars, at least…

If you’re serious smoker, then this is a must-have product for your desk. Keep your cigars at the right temperature and humidity at all times and enjoy the rich flavors of your favorite brand any time you like. If you’re thinking humidors, think Amalfi!

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