An Introduction to Electronic Cigars!

electronic cigars
Electronic Cigars by Veppo

If you are trying to stop smoking, or are tired of bad breath and other problems associated with smoking conventional tobacco products, then electronic cigars may be of some use to you. Typically, these devices will deliver the same amount of nicotine and flavoring associated with conventional cigars without the smoke and cancer causing agents. Even though there is still a good bit of controversy about the long term usefulness of electronic cigars, they are very popular in many countries.

Types of Electronic Cigars

At the current time, there are at least 17 different manufacturers of electronic cigars. Regardless of the company, each cigar has the same basic features.  While some companies create electronic cigars that look just like a real one, others design them to look more like a ball point pen or magic marker. Some of the main elements include:

  • Mouthpiece that is used for inhaling vaporized liquid
  • A chamber that holds liquid propylene glycol and nicotine
  • A heating plate that vaporizes the liquid
  • A battery that serves as power source for the heating element or atomizer

Even though electric cigars must have all these components, they differ in terms of length of use. For example, you can purchase electronic cigars that can only be used for a certain number of times before disposing of them. You can also purchase electronic cigars that will allow you to replace the battery and refill the liquid. During the process of deciding which type you want, it will be best to consider how many cigars you normally smoke each day, and then determine which unit will be best for your needs.

Advantage of Using Electronic Cigars

Many people switch to electronic cigars because they can obtain their nicotine fix without inhaling carcinogenic substances at the same time. Others that need to smoke during the day in places where it is not allowed also find that electronic cigars enable them to achieve their goal. Depending on the amount of nicotine amounts that you choose, this device can also help you avoid your addiction to this substance.

Disadvantages of Using Electronic Cigars

For the most part, the research on electronic cigars is not consistent. Some studies indicate that they are useful for smoking cessation, while others find that the amount of nicotine delivered is too varied to make these devices useful. Unfortunately, some tests have also indicated that some fluids used in electronic cigars contain carcinogenic compounds. Perhaps it can be best said that you will be well served by researching each brand carefully before making a purchasing decision.

veppo electronic cigar pack
Veppo Electronic Cigar Pack

The Best Electronic Cigars

Overall, most consumers seem to prefer the Veppo e-Cigar.  These units tend to look the most like real cigars, as well as produce the closest flavor.  At the same time, Veppo units are also known for being much cheaper than real cigars. For example, a single unit costs about $30.00 and takes the place of approximately 20 regular cigars. As an added bonus, you can purchase Veppo e-Cigars that mimic a wide range of cigar flavors including menthol.

When you need to stop smoking, there is nothing worse than not having something to reach for to satisfy your craving for nicotine. Electric cigars will provide you with nicotine as well as a smoke-free environment while you are using them. As may be expected, if you want to save money on cigars, purchasing one single electronic cigar tends to be much cheaper. At the same time, you can always look forward to cleaner teeth and fewer hygiene problems when you use electronic cigars instead of conventional tobacco products.

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