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Cohiba Humidor Reviews

There are cigar brands, and then there‚Äôs Cohiba. This is the top name under Habanos which was specifically created for Fidel Castro and his representatives. Created in 1966, they were at first only given to those of very high status. They were the only ones that would smoke these particular cigars, and were given as …

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Scarface Humidor Review!

The Scarface Humidor is a limited edition, handcrafted humidor. It was handcrafted by Daniel Marshall, a well known cigar aficionado and humidor craftsman. It takes four months to build a handcrafted Daniel Marshal Humidor! The Scarface Humidor truly is a limited edition piece. There were only one thousand of these made. And when you buy …

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100 Count Humidors!

What is the best 100 count humidor for the money? For the cigar connoisseur who is serious about cigars a proper humidor is required to keep cigars fresh for many years. In some cases certain cigars are purchased to be enjoyed on special occasions or they are brought from overseas. But keeping these cigars fresh …

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