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Palermo Humidor Review!

The Palermo Humidor is a respectable choice when if you want to keep your cigars fresh, keep the moisture in, and do it at a reasonable cost. Don’t run the risk of having your expensive cigars ruined get yourself a good humidor like the Palermo… Features Of The Palmero: This humidor has many great features …

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New York Humidor Review

New York Humidor: 150 Count. It looks like a chest! A man-styled chest with beautiful, ornate brass handles, broad enough for three man fingers to lift at each side. A domed, gold colored inlay top completes the illusion you have a pirate’s chest, but hey! Maybe you do. The New York 150 Count Humidor is …

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Cohiba Humidor Reviews

There are cigar brands, and then there’s Cohiba. This is the top name under Habanos which was specifically created for Fidel Castro and his representatives. Created in 1966, they were at first only given to those of very high status. They were the only ones that would smoke these particular cigars, and were given as …

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