Cigar Anatomy

Cigar Anatomy
Cigar Anatomy

There are various parts of a cigar; do you know what they are? There are many cigar smokers out there who have never taken the time to learn the basic parts of their stogies. It’s true, you don’t have to know the different parts of the cigar to enjoy smoking it, but taking some time out to learn how they are put together can be extremely helpful when you go to pick out high quality cigars.
The first thing you should notice when you look at your cigar is the wrapper, which is actually a layer of tobacco wrapped around the outside of the cigar. The wrapper is one of the most important parts of the cigar because it gives the cigar most of its flavor. The wrapper is usually made of the best quality tobacco leaves. The color can vary between very clear (claro) and very dark (oscuro).

The binders’ job is to hold all the tobacco filler together and is commonly known as intermediate leaves. Binders vary depending on the cigar.

The final thing you should know is about the filler that makes up most of the cigar. Filler is basically tobacco. The filler can be made long or short. Long filler is made up of whole tobacco leaves, and short filler is made of scraps of leaves.

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