Cigar Gifts Tips

Finding the right cigar gifts…

Looking to buy a gift for that cigar enthusiast? Pondering how to go about picking the perfect cigar for your friend? You don’t have to be a cigar aficionado to learn the skills of picking out a great cigar. A few simple tips can help you sniff out and find that perfect gift.

Cigars, once symbolic of the rich and famous, now have entered into the realms of pop culture. This makes it easier for almost anyone to go out and buy a high quality cigar. You don’t have to buy a top of the line box of Cuban cigars, which are probably way out of your price range anyway, but you can still get a high quality cigar they are sure to enjoy.

The first step is to find the nearest tobacco or smoke shop; they will have the highest quality cigars, cigar gifts, and the largest selections. Stay away from the drugstore cigars; they may be cheaper and more convenient, they are full of unnecessary preservatives and are of a low quality. These types of cigars contain paper, saltpeter, glycerin, and many other irritants. You want to spend your time and money on those cigars that are 100% tobacco. You should always ask a salesperson about cigar ingredients if you are unsure. Any experienced sales clerk should be knowledgeable about the contents and ingredients.

Your nearest tobacco shop is always the best choice because you will be bombarded with a variety of cigar gift choices you can smell and touch. Gently squeeze the cigar. A quality cigar will have a little give to it, but not be overly soft or have hard areas with no give at all. Look at the cigar closely; you don’t want a lumpy cigar. Examine the wrapper and make sure it is not discolored. The wrapper should be smooth, with no lose areas. Look at the tobacco’s coloring making sure it is even. There may be a little variation in the color, but anything drastic has been improperly rolled. Cigars not rolled properly may give off a foul odor and not burn evenly.

You may not know how much or often your friend smokes. If you are unsure a safe bet is a longer cigar. Longer cigars make great cigar gifts and have a more ‘cool’ taste, which is a great choice for beginners. If your friend is a regular smoker, you will want a thicker cigar. Thicker cigars often have a richer taste the experienced smokers love.

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