Cigar Golf Accessories!

Michael Jordan Smoking Cigar Golfing
Michael Jordan Smoking Cigar and Golfing

There are several cigar golf accessories that will help you enjoy both your golf game and your stogie at the same time.

Most of the time, while golfing, you often do not know where to place your cigar when you are driving in the golf cart, and outside of the cart.

To keep your cigars from touching the grass or burning a hole in the golf cart, we recommend the following cigar golf accessories:

The first cigar golf accessory that you can buy is a cigar holder that is also a golf divot tool. This protects the cigar while people are playing golf. No one wants to set their cigar on the ground, only to taste fertilizer and dirt when they pick it back up to smoke. This holder is stuck in the ground, and the cigar rests on top of it so the cigar never touches the turf. This is a good divot tool to use when playing on a golf course. These holders are cheap to buy, as they cost fewer than twenty dollars online.

Cigar Golf Holder
Cigar Golf Holder Multi Tool!

Another cigar holder is designed to clip on to golf bags or key chains. This way, you will never forget your cigar in the golf cart or car. The cigar clips in to the stainless steel holder, and it will stay there until people are ready to smoke it. There are no moving parts to the holder, people just clip it on, and start golfing.

Golf Bag Cigar Holder
Golf Bag Cigar Holder - 'Cigar Jockey'

When people are driving in their golf carts, they can stick a cart cigar holder onto the dashboard. The cigar clicks into the holder so it will not roll out of the golf cart. This holder is essentially an over-sized clip that gently secures the cigar from falling. This will help people hold lit and unlit cigars while driving through the golf course.

Cigar Clip On For Golf
Cigar Clip On For Golf

Another holder that attaches to the golf cart is a clip-on cigar holder. The holder will clip on to the vertical bars that hold the roof up on the cart. The other end of the clip holds the cigar in place. This is a good holder to have when the cigar is burning, and people do not want to burn a hole in the cushions of the golf cart.

Cigar Golf Bag Clip
Cigar Golf Bag Clip

When a group of cigar smokers goes golfing, one of the people will wear a cigar shoulder bag. The shoulder bag holds up to 20 cigars when people are walking on the greens. This is a great way to carry cigars when people do not have a golf cart.

Golf Travel Humidor Shoulder Bag
Golf Travel Humidor Shoulder Bag - 'Cigar Extras'

There are many types of cigar holders that are available online or in specialty cigar and sports stores. People will buy a cigar holder that also repairs golf divots. Men can find a selection of plastic, aluminum, steel, gold, and silver holders.

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