Cigar Humidor Hygrometer Basics!

What is a humidor hygrometer? Well, there are many different types of hygrometer’s available that will allow a person to check the humidity in a variety of different areas.

humidor hygrometer
Installed Humidor Hygrometer

However, there is one area that will need the humidity checked on a continual basis, and the device that works the best for that purpose is a Cigar Hygrometer.

This humidor hygrometer is a device that is used to provide information as to the level of humidity inside a humidor. A humidor is a sophisticated cigar enclosure that prevents your expensive cigars from becoming stale and brittle because of a lack of moisture.

The cigar hygrometer on the other hand is the sole device used to measure the moisture level inside the humidor.

The level inside this unit will almost always need to read 68% to 75% relative humidity, because this is the prime level for the best flavor. If this reading is not accurate, the humidor will need to be re-setup, and the cigar hygrometer will need to be re-calibrated depending on the conditions and the situation. There are a few different types of cigar hygrometers available.

analog hygrometer
Analog Hygrometer

Analog Hygrometers:

1. Analog Hygrometer with the basic Metal Spring.

2. Analog Hygrometer with Natural Hair.

3. Analog Hygrometer with Synthetic Hair.

Each of these humidor hygrometers has been created in a way that the metal, natural hair, or synthetic mechanism, or spring, is coiled inside and is extremely sensitive to the changes in humidity.

The sensitivity is so great, if you were to simply hold this unit in your hand and breathe on it, the percentage would change.

You will find that each of the devices listed above will have its own sensitivity level, and need to be calibrated accordingly. Calibration for these units can be done quite easily using the proper calibration procedures listed below.

Basic Procedure For Installing A Hygrometer In Your Humidor:

Using a small container with a sealed lid you will put your cigar hygrometer inside along with a smaller container filled with salt that has been moistened but not saturated with distilled water. You only want to moisten the salt and not liquefied to get the best results. Once this has been done you will close the lid and let it sit for at least 6 hours.

After this time you will then remove the humidor hygrometer and check the percentage. It should read between 68-72% percent relative humidity. If it doesn’t, you will want to adjust your hygrometer by using a miniature screwdriver inserted in the back. Adjust the needle to point to 70% and you should be ready to go.

Digital Humidor Hygrometer
Digital Hygrometer

Digital Cigar Hygrometer:

The digital version will come in many different styles and provide more readings than the analog devices people have become used to. They will not only tell the humidity percentage but they will also tell the temperature and come in a variety of sizes and designs. These can be calibrated or adjusted using the dial or buttons on the front or the back.

As stated before, there are many different types of cigar hygrometers available. The type and style you’ll want will be determined by the humidor, or you may have a different unique situation that requires something a bit different.

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