Cigar Quality and Your Ashtray

Cigar Ashtray
Cigar Ashtray

Check Out That Cigar Ashtray

Is there a way to know if your cigar is high quality? There is actually, check the ashtray, the left over ashes can tell a lot about the quality of the cigar they came from. Below are listed some guidelines to follow in order to figure out the quality of your cigars.

The first thing to look for is how quickly your cigar burns. Cigars that burn fast and leave ashes that are easily broken apart, signifies low quality. Take a look at the ashes, if they seem messy and stick together too much this also is a sign of a low quality cigar. One last thing to check is the color. The ash color should not change, if it does, the mixture of tobacco leaves might be a poor, low quality.

A high quality cigar is one that is firmly packed, burns slowly, and has stiff ash. This stiff ash should stay intact and build up to two or three inches long, staying on the cigar and not breaking apart. A high quality cigar will burn clear down to the nub. The taste will change the closer to the nub the cigar burns. You can often let the cigar burn on its own for a bit, to get past the bitter spots.

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