Cigar Smoking Health Risks

smoking a cigar
smoking a cigar

We are all aware of some of the cigar smoking health risks. There are risks in smoking cigarettes, but is there any health risks associated with cigar smoking?

The Risky Business of Cigar Smoking…

Are those risks just as dangerous as with cigarettes? Research provided by the National Cancer Institute claim there are definite dangers involved with cigar smoking. Research has linked cancers of the larynx, lungs, esophagus, and oral cavity with smoking cigars. Some of the newest research shows there is a link between smoking cigars and pancreas cancers. Those cigar smokers who deeply inhale on a regular basis are at a higher risk of developing lung and heart disease.

Health risks in cigar smokers are more apparent in those who smoke on a regular basis and inhale the smoke. A smoker who smokes three or four cigars on a daily basis is eight times more likely than a nonsmoker to develop some type of oral cancer. It is unclear the exact risks of smoking only an occasional cigar. We can speculate that if smoking cigars daily puts you at risk of developing health problems.

We all know cigarettes are highly addictive, but are cigars just as addictive? It seems as though many more people are addicted to cigarettes but not cigars. All tobacco products contain nicotine, and nicotine is addictive. It’s easy to observe the effect of nicotine by looking at individuals who use smokeless tobacco such as chewing tobacco, which is addictive. Cigar smokers usually do not inhale deeply, but the nicotine is still absorbed in the mouth. Cigarette smokers; on the other hand, inhale deeply and often causing the nicotine to be quickly absorbed in the lungs. Although cigar smokers don’t inhale deeply, they still have a large amount of nicotine absorb by the body and they are still at risk for becoming addicted to cigars if smoked on constantly.

Since nicotine is addictive, why aren’t cigar smokers smoking more cigars, more often? People are aware of the addictive quality of nicotine and, therefore, avoid becoming hooked on cigars. Cigars take longer to become addicted to because less nicotine is released into the body as with cigarettes. Cigars are also more expensive than cigarettes, and are viewed as a luxury product or only enjoyed on special occasions; they are simply not used as often. The more frequent a cigar is smoked, the higher the chance of becoming addicted. Smoking any tobacco product frequently will dramatically increase the health risks.

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