Cigar Tasting Tips

cigar tasting
cigar tasting

Cigar quality and taste — The Fine Art Of Cigar Tasting

Cigars are meant to be savored.  They are a luxury.  As with any luxury one should strive to extend the pleasure for as long as possible.  Take your time to really enjoy all that stogie has to offer.

Cigar Tasting Tip 1: Some connoisseurs recommend rinsing your mouth or even brushing your teeth before indulging.  This is so you are able to taste the full flavor of the cigar.  Remember that this entire time in your life is about you and your cigar.  Make the moment count.  Light up in a place and at a time that you can devote yourself entirely to the stogie.

The first step in appreciating and enjoying a cigar to its fullest is to learn to evaluate the look and feel of the cigar. For now forget about the taste and smell.  Instead you should learn what you can by inspecting the cigar’s appearance.  Experience pays off of course.  You will eventually come to recognize visible characteristics that can indicate a really good cigar.  Many people actually take notes (keeping a cigar journal or diary) that can assist them in making wise decisions later.

Cigar Tasting Tip 2: Next you should consider the pre-light aroma and flavor.  Initially you may only smell wrapper and tobacco but eventually you will be able to discern different fragrances.  Some may be sweet like cocoa, some may be more like a spice and still others may have a woodsy aroma.

You are now ready to actually draw on the cigar.  It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight.  Like ‘momma bear’s’ possessions, your cigar should be just right.  Next you’ll want to actually taste the cigar.

Cigar Tasting Tip 3: You are now ready to light your smoke.  Hold your flame slightly below the cigar.  Roll the cigar in order to achieve an even burn.  The first few puffs will in most cases not be the best.  Many people blow out through the cigar in order to clear the charred light-up smoke.

Cigar Tasting Tip 4: As you enjoy your smoke see if you can distinguish any recognizable flavors.  Consider the aroma. Better cigars seem to have distinct points at which the flavor changes.  Remember these cigars.  You will generally want to smoke your cigar about ¾ the way down before snubbing it out.

Take the time to enjoy and savor your cigar.  As you puff on your cigar relax – don’t waste the moment.  The real “art” of cigar tasting comes from the enjoyment one receives from the refined skills they develop.  This art provides one with a way to truly appreciate the cigar while taking a break from the rest of the world.  The smoker becomes one with the cigar at least for a moment.

Although it takes some practice to completely grasp the details of this fine art learning to appreciate a good cigar is not difficult.  Remember, practice makes perfect!  Enjoy!

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