Cigars and Cigar Terminology

For someone who is new to cigar smoking or is interested in this very enjoyable pastime you should know some of the basic terms of cigar smoking. This article will cover the tips that will make others perceive you as a seasoned cigar smoker.

The first thing we will cover is the terminology…

Band – A strip of paper that is used as an identifier. It is applied around the cigar and is often colorful and provides that identity of the manufacturer.

Cigar Bar: Just as the term means, it is a bar that has some comfortable seating for smoking. Here you will be able to enjoy your favorite drinks and select from several kinds of cigars to sample. Many of these bars have big screen TV’s that are perfect for watching sports. This is a great place for both men and women to meet and socialize.

HumidorA humidor is a specialized box that is used to store cigars so as to maintain a balance of temperature and humidity to prolong the life of your cigars. You should never store cigars in a refrigerator; they can actually dry cigars out, ruining them.

Puncture cutter – This is a cutter that slides in the head of the cigar that will remove the plug (approximately ¼ inch across) to allow for a small air hole yet still maintaining the rounded end of the cigar.

Scissor Cutter – A specialized cigar cutter that looks very similar to scissors but actually has special blades for cutting cigars. These cutters provide a nice straight cut when used.

Split Wrapper – This is a good indicator that the cigar has been in some way improperly handled or stored, and should be avoided.

Straight cutter – The most commonly used type of cutter, it also has been referred to as a guillotine cutter. It will remove the head of the cigar in a clean straight line.

Now we will look at some of the basic cigar smoking tips:

When you go about lighting a cigar or ‘stogie’, you should never allow the flame to actually touch the head. The best approach is to hold the flame approximately ¼ to ½ inch below the end of the cigar. Rotate the cigar gently and slowly to evenly light the head. You should also take slow gentle puffs on it in order to light and heat up the stogie. It is highly suggested that you do not use fluid filled lighters or paper matches to light your cigar. To get the best results you should wait a short amount of time, usually 30 to 60 seconds, between puffs.

The color of the wrapper is not a good indicator of if the cigar is light, mild, or strong. Darker wrappers usually do impart a fuller flavor. When examining the wrapper it should not have blemishes and should have an oily appearance. This usually will indicate that it has a good quality leaf and has been stored properly.

The ring gauge is a reference to the diameter of the cigar. A 64 gauge cigar is approximately an inch around.

Now that you are familiar with some of the terms and tips to proper cigars you can go out and enjoy your cigars while also looking like an expert.

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