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There are cigar brands, and then there’s Cohiba. This is the top name under Habanos which was specifically created for Fidel Castro and his representatives. Created in 1966, they were at first only given to those of very high status. They were the only ones that would smoke these particular cigars, and were given as gifts.

cohiba humidor

In 1982, Cohiba went public and was released internationally for all to enjoy. The word Cohiba is an old Cuban term used for bunches of tobacco leaves that were smoked long ago. They are made in a special way by fermenting the leaves a third time in barrels which helps give it the smooth shape and delicious flavors they are known for.

The Cohiba brand also has high quality humidors, and if you’re going to smoke one of these you need to have the right place to store them properly.

Cohiba has many different designs to choose from when buying a humidor for your stogies.

From small travel sized ones to expensive but elegant limited editions, there’s one that will fit your need. Most are made from Spanish cedar and contain humidifiers inside to keep the cigars fresh. Styles If you are like most cigar owners, you will want at least one humidor in your home to stash away all your cigars.

cohiba high gloss humidorThere’s a Cohiba humidor that can hold up to 75 cigars with a high gloss finish that’s perfect. This one has a Spanish cedar divider inside the case with gold hinges and a gold lock with key. It also has a felt lined bottom to protect furniture scratches.

On the top of the humidor is the Cohiba brand logo, which is a man’s head, colored red with a ponytail, yellow and black background with the capital “Habana, Cuba” in the center. The inside is beautiful, and you won’t ever have to buy another humidor for your home again if you own this Cohiba.

Another is the Cohiba travel humidor that holds up to 10 cigars. Its case is lacquered and has Spanish cedar on the inside and is a beautiful yet handy replica of the standard Cohiba humidor.

cohiba travel humidor
Book travel humidor made with leather, by Cohiba.

Some of the limited edition Cohiba humidors come in beautiful black lacquered finish that can be placed on a desk. Not only do they give your study or office a great detail, you’re displaying the top brand in fine smoking in the world. If you are looking to impress, into collectibles or just want your cigars looking good and staying comfortable when you store them, look for any of these.

They do cost more, but not only are they very durable; they do their job which is the most important thing. The bottom line is, if you want to buy a brand that you don’t know about or doesn’t have the history to back it up, look elsewhere. If you want only the best and have been proven for decades to still be the best, then you need to go with Cohiba. These are the Mercedes Benz of the cigar world.

Look no further when making sure your stogies are protected, get a Cohiba humidor and be glad you did.

And then there are the Cohiba Inspired Humidors like this luxury humidor by Siglio:

luxury cohiba humidor

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  1. Scott

    You’ re right, Cohiba have been regaurded as one of the worlds finest cigars for many years now and it is good to see that they have taken their high standard and introduce it into a Cigar Humidor range as well. Great article written by a person who enjoys their Cigars.

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