Cuban Crafters Humidor Reviews!

Cuban Crafters Cultura HumidorThe first Cuban Crafters Humidor we review is the Cuban Cultura. This well made humidor holds 100 cigars.

Features Of The Cuban Cultura Humidor:

  • A one year warranty
  • Elegant Rosewood Birdseye Burl inlays give it a classic, vintage look that is hard to find.
  • Kiln dried Spanish Cedar helps keep your cigars fresher, longer.
  • There is a hygrometer that is mounted on the outside of this humidor so you can keep an eye on humidity without opening it.
  • It comes with a humidification kit, which most quality humidors have.
  • There is an accessory drawer that is felt lined adding a bit more class to this already beautiful humidor.
  • Hidden quadrant hinges are used to provide a quality seal.
  • A lock is provided as well as the keys of course, which is ideal for areas of high traffic
  • Comes with a removable tray that is crafted with Spanish cedar
    Underneath this quality Cuban Crafters humidor is a felt lining which will protect your fine furniture.
  • Cuban Crafters humidorAs described, the Cuban Cultura Humidor is a gorgeous unit, made of rosewood.
  • It has a very unique looking Burl inlay that is nice to look at, and will make an ugly room look uglier because this humidor deserves a nice station. It’s classy!

You’ll be able to store 100 cigars, making it an ideal desktop humidor because it won’t take up too much room, yet holds a satisfactory amount of sticks for yourself and your guests to enjoy.

Cuban Cultura Footprint:

13 3/8 inches long
9 3/8 inches wide
6 5/8 inches high

I really like this humidor. It is one of, if not the best of the higher end humidors on the market. It comes very close to the highest end humidors for it’s size in terms of craftsmanship and storage, but for half the price. As a matter of fact you won’t be able to tell a difference.

You won’t be disappointed by this Cuban Crafters Humidor.

Cuban Crafters Humidor: The Murcielago

Murcielago Cuban Crafters HumidorMurcielago Features:

  • As described it has a solid, yet luxurious black matte finish.
  • Ebony inlays are made of wood.
  • Surprisingly, this desktop holds 150 sticks!
  • A Spanish cedar inner interior is thicker than normal giving it a better than normal quality cigar storage.
  • There is a divider made of, Spanish cedar and more…

This Cuban Crafters Humidor, is a top notch desktop humidor because it has better than expected craftsmanship.

The Ebony exterior is perfectly complimented by the inlays made of Ebony and have go almost organically around the borders which are smooth and rounded.

Since the Spanish Cedar interior is thicker than most humidors it instantly gives you the sense of luxury and confidence that are missing in the cheaper, low cost humidors.

This black Ebony humidor’s matted finish makes this humidor stand-out unlike any other humidor on the market.

This Cuban Crafters Humidor is heavier than humidors in it’s size and class because of it’s unique build quality and features…

It comes with a divider made of Spanish cedar, a tray for aeration, and another tray that is used as a divider. In addition it comes with handles making it easy to transport from one part of the home or office to the other.

Cuban Crafters Murcielago HumidorThe hardware that holds this remarkable humidor is chrome, and has hidden quadrant hinges (piano style) that provide a quality seal and ads to it’s excellent craftsmanship. There is a lock and key as expected, and a hygrometer.

There is a brick humidifier that has a removable cover, and the hygrometer is obviously placed in the front for easy observation.

This desktop sized Cuban Crafters Humidor has a black matte finish that is unique, yet it has a very confident look to it. You’ll know it’s there, and when you see it you’ll instantly note the fine craftmanship which begs you to open it and see what lies with it’s small but solidly built luxurious walls.

If you find this color to be a nice fit for your home, office, or retreat then jump on it now because it is a fine piece of work.

Cuban Crafters Humidor, the Murcielago footprint:

15 inches wide
10 inches deep
6 inches high

Cuban Crafters Humidor: Which Is My Personal Favorite?

If you twisted my arm and asked my which Humidor made by Cuban Crafters to get, go with the Cultura Humidor.

But that’s not to say the Murcielago is a a lower quality humidor. My choice is simply because it will look good in any luxurious room or office you put it in, while the black matte finish of the Murcilago requires a certain furniture and color arrangement. Other than that the Murcielago has slight edge in craftmanship, but just ever so slight.

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  1. Scott

    Both these Cigar Humidor look great. I personally like the Cultura Humidor, as I like the rosewood look, with a easy to read hygrometer outside the humidor. I would defiantly add this one to my cigars and humidor collection. Great review.

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