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International Havana Cigars
International Havana Cigars

International Cigars : Cigars From Around the World

Most people who have ever smoked a cigar have tried the famous Cuban cigar. How can you tell if your cigar is Cuban or from some other country? For those who are just beginning to dabble in the cigar world, it’s important to note that each country produces a unique cigar. Every cigar (or international cigar) has its own flavor, taste, and character. The uniqueness of each different cigar has a lot to do with the countries quality of soil and the process of producing and rolling the tobacco.

There are significant varieties based on the region the cigar comes from. Here are some tips for learning the differences of the world’s flavors. Cuban cigars are known for their smooth, creamy flavors. They are among the most famous international cigars based on their high quality and rich flavors.

International cigars include Central American countries such as Honduras and Nicaragua have cigars. These international cigars have strong and rich flavors. Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and other Caribbean countries are known for mild flavored cigars.

You can look at the diameter and length of a cigar to further determine its overall flavor, no matter which country it comes from. Cigars with thicker diameters tend to have richer flavors. The longer the cigar the cooler the flavor will be.

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