Drug Store Cigars

Buying Drug Store Cigars?
Buying Drug Store Cigars?

Corner Store Cigars – Buying Drug Store Cigars

There are a large variety of cigars out there which can be confusing for those new to smoking. The most common questions asked: Is if it’s a good idea to buy cigars from the local corner or chain store? Is the quality good enough? Will my cigar have a good flavor?

It’s always okay to buy cigars from wherever you feel the need, just know the packaged cigars are going to be a poorer quality. Most packaged cigars are packed full of preservatives and other non-tobacco contents. Some other common ingredients found in these types of cigars are: paper, Glycerin, and saltpeter. The high quality cigars have only one ingredient, tobacco. Packaged cigars often contain extra ingredients to improve their shelf-life.

The best place to get high quality, flavorful cigars is your local tobacco store or smoke shop. Some mail order companies will carry high quality cigars, but you will have to order in bulk as they don’t sell singles. The best place is the local tobacco store, where you can test out the various brands and smells before choosing a box.

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