Dumaine Humidor Review!

dumaine humidorI stumbled upon the Dumaine Humidor by accident as I was searching for a small desktop humidor. And I really liked the look of it.

But does it store my cigars well? Let’s carve out this review of the Dumaine Humidor and see what it’s all about…

Sensitive to your needs, Dumaine offers its 60 count luxury model. This elegant humidor is perfect for your desktop or as the ideal gift for a boss who always appreciates fine things. If you want to make an impression, the Dumaine 60 count humidor is the way to go.

This Dumaine humidor is all about quiet elegance. Featuring a high lacquer ebony finish, it’s lined with kiln dried Spanish Cedar for optimum smoking pleasure. Measuring a generous 13 ½ “ X 9 1/4 “, with a X 6 ½ “ height, this humidor has a glass-top display, as well as a divider and a second level tray.

  • You’ll love the mechanics involved in the making of this humidor. The lid has hidden quadrant hinges and piano hinges for a sure seal and smooth opening and closing. On the outside is an external mount hygrometer, crafted smoothly into the side, adding to the aesthetic value of its appearance as well as the convenience of keeping a check on the readings without opening the box.

A humidifier is included with the purchase and a thirty day guarantee or your money back. It won’t take a full thirty days to decide you’ll like this model. The first time you look at it, you’ll be sold, and with the first fine cigar you remove, robust with fresh flavor, you’ll want to keep your Dumaine 60 count humidifier forever.

A word of caution. This humidor sells out quickly.

You may have to conduct a search online to find one. If you are lucky enough to find one at your local store, you’ll want to snap it up before it’s gone.

The main feature of the Dumaine humidor is that it is gorgeous, and the crafmanship is unbelievable for a small desktop humidor.

If you are lucky enough to get this humidor at a reasonable price, you will be immediately struck by it’s beauty. One customers calls it, ‘Heirloom quality’. And I could not agree more.

inside dumaine humidorA couple of customers had issues with the external hygrometer. But these were easily solved simply by getting an extra one and putting it inside (many desktop humidors have issues with their external hygrometers, so this should not be a surprise. Also, the accuracy of the hygrometer also depends on how well it has been seasoned. So if you season your Dumaine humidor well this may be a moot point).

Features At A Glance:

  • 60 cigar capacity, give or take depending the size of your cigars.
  • As with most quality humidors it has an external hygrometer / humidifier.
  • The finish of this excellent piece is Ebony.
  • It is lined with Spanish cedar.
  • The glass on the top of the Dumaine humidor is beautifully beveled.
  • There is a second level to this Humidor which includes a divider and a tray for convenience.
  • The dimensions are 13.5 inches by 9.25 inches by 6.5 inches.

The lowest price anywhere form a reputable cigar accessory store is just $106. A small price to pay for a high quality humidor that will store your cigars well and keep them fresh. Never invest in a cheap desktop humidor. Get this one.

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