Five Unique Cigar Ashtrays!

Before I show you our 5 unique cigar ashtray choices, lets discuss how to choose an ashtray for the cigar smoker:

An ashtray is not just an ashtray, its need to be large enough to hold the ashes and girth of the cigar. Cigars are larger than your normal cigarette and need their own special space. Cigar aficionados sing the praises of finding the exact place for their cigars and ashes.

Cigar ashtray

What should you look for in a suitable cigar ashtray? The most important step is to make sure the ashtray is large enough to place your cigar. Cigars can come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to figure out what your cigar of choice is first.

The next thing is to think about your personal smoking style. How much ash do you produce? Do you rest your cigar for periods of time, or do you hold it for the duration? These are some important things to note when you begin the selection process.

You are looking for a cigar ashtray that can hold up to two cigars and their ashes. The ashtray should be made of metal, heavy glass, or ceramics; the stronger the better.

Where do you go to buy one of these ashtrays? Cigar aficionados prefer antique ashtrays. You can find these at flea markets, antique shops, or thrift stores. You can also shop online or go to a smoke shop, store that sells tobacco products.

There are many cigar ashtrays in existence and every cigar smoker will have their own personal preference as to the look and type of their particular favorite kind of ashtray. The many cigar ashtrays available means that the discerning cigar smoker can use a different kind of ashtray depending on whether it’s for home or office use. Here I will briefly discuss five popular and unique types of cigar ashtrays which caught my eye.

Cuban Crafters Marble Ashtray:

Marble Cigar Ashtray
Cuban Crafters Marble Cigar Ashtray

These beautiful crafted marble ashtrays can be used both indoors and outdoors and each ashtray is crafted from a solid piece of natural cloud stone marble which adds beauty and elegance to any room.

Each ashtray is carefully hand polished to achieve the desired look of a smooth and shiny appearance. It is perfect for cigar smokers as the ashtray has four grooves to hold your cigars, a center for ash deposits and also for holding a a smoke eliminating candle if you so wish.

There is also a protective wall to separate the cigar from the ashes or candle. The smooth and shiny finish is guaranteed for life. Each ashtray comes in at a heavy and solid 12 pounds in weight so it sits sturdy on any table or surface. Waterproof, flame proof, heat proof, and scratch resistant are some of the fine qualities of this natural cloud stone marble indoor and outdoor ashtray. Dimensions are 12 inches in diameter with a height of 2 inches. They can be placed in your home or office.

Cuban Crafters Colores Glass Ashtray:

Glass Ashtray
Cuban Crafters Glass Ashtray

From marble to the modern and cool elegance of glass, this glass ashtray also features four grooves and a windproof deep dish in the middle so it is ideal for outdoor use where your cigar will be protected against the elements and stay alight.

If the ashtray is used say indoors, in a lighted environment, you will notice the beauty and effect of a full spectrum of colors as the light bounces off the crystal and disperses itself throughout the ashtray. The glass crystal is thick and heavy and the dimensions are 6 inches by 6 inches and the height is 1 inch. The elegance and beauty of this ashtray is sure to impress any guests to your home or office.

 Xikar Havana Crystal ashtray and table top lighter:

Crystal Ashtray And Lighter
Crystal Ashtray And Table Top Lighter

This is a luxury cigar accessory set for the discriminating cigar aficionado and features the Havana Crystal ashtray itself as well as a matching tabletop triple jet lighter. The set comes in choice of colors, these being red or yellow.

It is manufactured by Xikar who are one of the leading names in premium cigar accessories and you will get a no proof lifetime warranty with this product. The crystal ashtray weighs around four pounds and has five grooves or rests which can accommodate short, medium and full-length cigar sizes.

It has bevelled edges and the décor is encased in the seat of the ashtray and reflects throughout the crystal. The base has four small balls to protect the ashtray and your furniture. The ashtray measures around 8 inches by 6 inches and is just over 1 inch in height. You also get a Life-time replacement warranty from Xikar.

 Stinkys Real Cigar Smoking Ashtray:

Stinkys Real Cigar Ashtray
Stinky's Cigar Ashtray

I particularly like this functional and well-thought out cigar ashtray because the center bowl on many ashtrays are too small and / or too shallow. The real cigar smoking ashtray however may not be the most elegant and prettiest ashtray out there, but it really does the job well for what it was intended for.

The center bowl is big and deep so the ash stays in the bowl and it is also wind-proof. The cigar stirrup on most ashtrays can be a little short and hence cause your cigar to roll into the ashtray or worse still, onto your floor. This ashtray however features the right sized stirrup with a bend radius to accommodate cigars well over one inch in diameter (or up to an 80 ring gauge). The stainless steel finish means that it is easy to clean and wash.

Antigua Vintage Ashtray:

Antigua Vintage Ashtray
Antigua Vintage Ashtray

This stunning and elegant ashtray features the best of both traditional and modern design and features gold plated stainless steel legs and premium crystal for the main part of the ashtray.

Like most of the other ashtrays, it features a windproof dish and has four cigar grooves which can hold cigars of almost all ring gauges. As with crystal again, the light disperses off the crystal to create a beautiful spectrum of light and the ashtray is quite heavy as it is solid glass crystal.

It will look good in any room, whether it be in the home or in the office and is sure to be a conversation point.


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