How To Blow Smoke Rings

How To Blow Smoke Rings …

Ever wanted to learn how to blow smoke rings from your cigar? Cigar lovers

Blowing Smoke Rings
Blowing Smoke Rings

everyone talk about the art of smoking a cigar. Smoke rings are a sign the smoker is no novice, he enjoys a good cigar and smokes it well. How do you learn to blow a smoke ring? Many say it’s not something that can be taught, it is something you learn on your own with time and practice. Here are some tips to at least get you started.

Aficionados explain that if you want to blow smoke rings, you first need to create some dense smoke. Suck deeply on the cigar until dense smoke fills your mouth. Hold the smoke in your mouth while slowly opening your mouth. Form a well-rounded ‘O’ with your lips, pulling back your tongue as you push out the smoke.

Do not exhale the smoke, the will push the smoke out to quickly. Simply push the smoke out of your mouth. If there is the slightest breeze in the air, it will ruin your chances of blowing out smoke rings, so make sure you practice only when the air is calm or indoors.

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