How To Buy Cuban Cigars

Assorted Cuban Cigars
Assorted Cuban Cigars

Here’s how to buy Cuban cigars (check your local and federal laws before doing so)…

Ask any cigar enthusiasts where the best cigars come from, and they will all tell you Cuba. However, sometimes buying the best can be a risky situation. Almost every cigar aficionado is more than willing to take the risk to get the perfect blend of flavors and tastes. I bet you are curious how you can get your hands on a great box of Cubans. The troubled past between Cuba and the US can leave those who are too eager to purchase a box of Cubans, feeling taken advantage of. Cuban cigars can be done without being duped, but you must proceed with caution.

The first thing you need to know is that importing Cuban cigars is illegal. Back in 1963, the US placed certain sanctions on Cuba. This makes it illegal for Cuba to import goods into the US, making Cuban cigars even more tempting. There is a way to get around the sanction though; tourists returning from Cuba can bring cigars through customs. There is a $100 limit on goods being brought through, and they need to be used for personal use and not intended for resale.

That is the only legal way of bringing Cuban cigars into the United States. Any other way, buying, selling, or trading, is illegal. The fines for illegal buying, selling, or trading Cuban cigars in the US can reach up to $55,000. Receiving a fine, is actually pretty rate and in most cases the cigars are simply confiscated.

A box of good Cuban cigars can be quite pricey, so make sure you are ready to spend some of that hard earned cash. The prices start at about $150 and only go up from there, sometimes up to $500 or more. Be cautious of anything cheaper than this, as they are probably not the real deal. Many internet sites claiming to sell genuine Cuban cigars are more likely to sell imitations. Steer clear of shops that sell “discount” Cuban cigars.

What is the easiest way to get the real thing, without a trip to Cuba? The best place to buy an authentic box of Cuban cigars is to take a trip up to Canada. Once you purchase a box, you will have to do some re-figuring to get them back across the border. First, remove all the original Cuba packaging. Next, remove the rings and place them in a simple cigar box. Most Customs agents won’t take the time to look at cigars too closely, and it really isn’t that big of a deal to bring Cuban cigars across the border. Most retailers in Canada will often offer to do all the repackaging for you.


  1. Brian

    I just got back from Cuba with a load of stogies and a humidor. Most of the cigars came in containers and some in a little box, (i.e. bought a few packs of Cohiba’s 3 to a pack). Should I take them out of the pack and just leave them in the humidor or keep them in the container in the Humidor? Also how often should I add water? Thanks

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