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Just A Little Off the Top: How To Clip A Cigar

What is the proper way to clip a cigar? Every cigar lover has their own personal style and method, but here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Here’s how to cut a cigar. First, pick up the cigar and take a look at the head of the cigar, the closed end. This is the area that will be cut. Figure out where the cap is. The cap is the area of the cigar where extra tobacco was used to close up the cigar. Finding the cap is the first part, and then you need to figure out its length. You don’t want to cut past the cap’s end, doing so can cause the whole cigar to unravel and fall apart in your hand.  

Tip – How to clip a cigar: Make sure you have a high quality cigar clipper to remove the head of the cap. A poor quality clipper can fray or split the ends. You can find good clipper, made for making clean cuts, at any tobacco shop. Hold the cigar steady and make a quick, meaningful cut right over the cap. Remember less is always more, if you cut is not high enough you can always cut it down further.

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