How to Cut a Cigar

Cut A Cigar
Cut A Cigar

Here’s How to Cut a Cigar…

To fully enjoy a cigar you need to cut the end of it before you smoke it. Learning how to cut a cigar is very important. It is also easier than you might think as long as you have the right information to work with. Many people assume it is fine to do this with anything you have, even their teeth. When it comes to etiquette though there is a right way of how to cut a cigar and that option isn’t part of it.

How to Cut a Cigar Tip 1:

You may be wondering why it is important to learn how to cut a cigar properly. When it isn’t done like it should be though you will have some problems with your cigar. The biggest problem is that improper cutting leads to the wrapper to come undone. It will also cause damage to both the binder and the tobacco inside of the cigar.

Here’s How to Cut a Cigar Tip 2: Many people carry a sharp pocket knife with them to cut their cigars with. Make sure you keep the blade sharp because if it gets dull it won’t cut the cigar like it should. At home a pair of sharp scissors can do the cut for you very nicely. You want to cut the closed end of the cigar called the head. Never cut it until right before you are ready to enjoy smoking it.

There are also cutters you can buy at locations that sell cigars and online. This is the very best way of how to cut a cigar right every time. You also don’t want to cut very much of the cigar with this process. You want to cut off from 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch. You want to make sure you aren’t cutting into the actual body of the cigar. Most cigars have a cone end and that is what you want to take off. Where the cigar widens is the body and you don’t want to cut into that part of it.

If you know someone that loves cigars, teach them how to cut it properly. That way they will have the right tool for the job readily available. The more expensive the cigar happens to be the more important it is to have it cut properly. With a little bit of practice though a person can learn to do this very well. It is going to allow them to enjoy smoking the cigar more than one might think.

You can buy a typical cigar cutter like the one picture above. But there are also other ways to cut your cigar. You can use cigar scissors, and for on-the-go enjoyment, try a bullet cutter (or put one on your key chain, or in your cigar travel case).

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