How to Light a Cigar

One Way To Light A Cigar
One Way To Light A Cigar

4 Tips On How to Light a Cigar

If you are new to smoking cigars lighting up can be an intimidating task. Here are four guidelines to follow geared to making you look like a pro, even if it is your first time.

  1. Cedar matches work best; however, if you’re more comfortable with a lighter, it should be butane to keep strong odors at bay.
  2. Slowly, warm up the foot of the cigar (the open end), over the flame, but don’t let it touch the fire. Allow a black ring to shape around the end.
  3. Placing the cigar in your mouth, slowly inhale. Keep the cigar over about half an inch over the flame, but don’t touch the fire. Continue to inhale until a flame appears on the end of the cigar. Slowly, spin the cigar around the flame so it burns evenly.
  4. As soon as the cigar appears lit, remove it from your mouth and take a look at the burn around the end. You want the burn to be even, so if it is not even blow on any unlit areas to pull out the burn. You may need to take a couple pulls from the cigar to establish an even burn.

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