How to Put Moisture Back in Dry Cigars

A common question…How to Put Moisture Back in Dry Cigars? Answer…

Nothing is more disappointing than realizing your cigars have dried out. Before you toss them out though you need to know there are ways that you can remedy the situation. With a bit of effort you can learn how to put moisture back in dry cigars. Since cigars will slowly lose their moisture, that is the way you want to put it back – through a slow process. If you do it all at once you will only further ruin your cigars.

How to Put Moisture Back in Dry Cigars Part 1: One of the best ways of how to put moisture back in dry cigars is to use a humidor. This is a type of box that will be able to retain moisture and that you can buy for a very reasonable price. They come in a variety of sizes. Some of the humidors out there will hold about 10 cigars. Others though will hold several thousand so it depends on what your needs are.

This will allow them to get about 70% humidity. However, the length of time they will need to go through this process will vary. It depends on the types of cigars, the size of them, and how long they have been dried out. You want to handle your dried out cigars as little as possible too. If you handle them too much they will crack and that can result in damage that can’t be repaired even when more moisture is added to the cigars.

How to Put Moisture Back in Dry Cigars Part 2: There are some other home methods that you can use for how to put moisture back in dry cigars. However, they generally aren’t going to give you the same results as the humidor. If you don’t have one though you can try these other methods. Placing the dry cigars in a plastic bag with all but a corner sealed can help. You will want to place a small piece of apple or a small corner of a clean sponge with water in the bag to offer the moisture.

Within a couple of days your dry cigars should have the right amount of moisture in them again. Many people believe that the taste has already been ruined but you will find that isn’t the case when you re-introduce the moisture slowly through that process. It is a great way to avoid tossing out cigars that you spent money on or you took the time to make.

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