How to Smoke a Cigar

Tips On How to Smoke a Cigar:

Learning how to smoke a cigar is important if you want to enjoy the full flavor of one. If you will be smoking it around other people then you don’t want to seem inexperienced in this area. You need to start out by making sure you understand the right way to cut one. You want to cut the head of it no more than 1/8 of an inch. This way your cigar doesn’t unravel as you smoke it.

Lighting it up is another important aspect of how to smoke a cigar. It isn’t the same as lighting up a cigarette. A butane lighter is the best source of accomplishing this with ease. With the cigar in your mouth you want to place the flame right under it. You never want the flame to actually come into contact with your cigar. Instead you are going to puff and at the same time rotate the cigar with the flame underneath it.

This process can take about 30 seconds to complete so don’t rush it. You want to continue the process until the rim is lit and you can see smoke coming from it. You can relax once it is lit and enjoy your cigar to the fullest. You want to continue to rotate it and to puff on it for about one minute. Make sure you don’t inhale the smoke during this process. If you also smoke cigarettes that can be an instinctive habit and one that you definitely don’t want to take part in when you are smoking a cigar.

You want to consume your cigar slowly and savor the flavor of it. When you are smoking it too fast the heat will destroy the flavor that is offered. Many people wonder how far down to smoke a cigar. This is a personal choice and not something you need to worry about with how to smoke a cigar. Most people though will leave the last 1 inch to ½ inch of the cigar.

It does take some time to learn how to smoke a cigar. If you are intimidated to do it in front of others, practice at home in front of a mirror. Before you know it you will have the process down. You will also be doing it in a manner that allows you to get the full benefit of any cigar you happen to choose to smoke.

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