How To Use A Humidor!

Many people may not know how to use a humidor correctly. For a cigar lover, it is quite necessary to have a humidor because it can store cigars and also helps it to age so that it can be used for many years. Cigars are similar to sponges and so they soak up the air surrounding them. This causes the cigars to age fast.

How To Use A Humidor
If you wish to keep them fresh then you need a humidor. They maintain perfect temperature and contain humidity which is good for the cigars. This helps to improve the natural flavors of the cigar. However, there is a certain procedure for using a brand new humidor to store cigars.

First the wood inside the humidor should be seasoned so that the cigars do not dry out. When you have seasoned it well then the humidor can be used for storage of cigars for quite a long time. In order season it you would require the following stuff namely, distilled water, clean cloth and a plastic wrap.

In the beginning you would need to use distilled water to dampen the clean cloth. The cloth should be soaked in water all through but should not be dripping wet. With this damp cloth you should wipe down the interior of the humidor. This will help to season the cedar and then ensure that the humidity level inside the humidor remains constant.

Next you can put the wet cloth within the humidor by placing it on top of the plastic wrap. Ensure that the cloth does not touch the wood or else the wood will turn rotten. After that you can fill distilled water into the humidification device. Any excess moisture should be wiped off from the outer area of the device. When this is done place it inside the humidor.

For about 24 hours the humidor should be closed and allowed to sit. This will help the cedar to absorb moisture and also season further. After that for a second time you can again wipe the inside area of the humidor using damp cloth. Remove the cloth from inside and close the humidor and wait for another 24 hours. This is how to use a humidor if you want your cigars to last longer.

Now it is ready and you can place the cigars inside. Always maintain proper humidity level within the humidor. You need to store the cigars at room temperature which has humidity level of approximately 68 to 72 percent. If the humidity level decreases then you can add more distilled water into the humidification device.

This will help to maintain the correct percentage of humidity within the humidor which will prevent the cigars from getting spoild. As a matter of fact, if you want better flavors in your cigars then you should allow it to age in the humidor. However, if you do not want to age them you can still use it as storage and enjoy the cigars. So, did you understand how to use a humidor?

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  1. Wei Teck Lee

    After seasoning my new humidor, I noticed the hygrometer shows a consistent reading of 90, where the best humidity should be maintained at about 75.

    How do I go about bringing down this level?

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