Humidor Basics: What Is A Humidor?

Cigar Humidor
Cigar Humidor

If you are a cigar aficionado, or simply enjoy a great smoke once in a while, you probably have heard some talk about humidors.

Humidors are special boxes that are often lined with cedar, are kept at a specific temperature and humidity, and contain your best cigars.

Humidors typically have a hygrometer to measure the humidity levels inside the box, and some also come with thermometers. The more expensive a humidor happens to be, the higher the chance that it comes with special measures to keep the humidity and temperature constant.

Humidors are special cigar containment boxes that keep cigars at a smokeable quality, no matter what their age happens to be. Having a humidor means that you will have a higher quality smoke. Your flavor is never sacrificed, and lighting a cigar will never be easier.

People who want to collect vintage cigars need a humidor. Vintage cigars are prone to drying out, and also are prone to tobacco flies. If you want to keep that priceless cigar collection from turning into dust, you need a humidor.

The best humidors don’t have to be expensive, even though they sound like they are all luxury goods. There are a wide variety of humidors available for purchase, from the cheap to the luxury. The good thing about being a cigar fan is that humidors can be bought at any budget. Cheap humidors for sale often can be as low as $20, while expensive humidors can cost over $400.

Cheap humidors often take the shape of portable containers that contain 1 or 2 cigars. They are also called travel humidors, and even the richest cigar smokers have a travel humidor in their inventories. The more expensive humidors are often desktop humidors, which are less portable than their traveling counterparts. Desktop humidors can typically store anywhere from 10 to approximately 50 cigars.

Cigar Store Humidor
Cigar Store Large Humidors

Sometimes, a cigar collector has a lot more cigars than would normally fit in one humidor. For these purposes, large humidors are often the best choice. It isn’t unheard of to find large humidors that can fit anywhere from 200 to over 500 cigars. Large humidors aren’t necessarily luxury humidors, but they do give the same quality of function as just about any high end humidor on the market.

Luxury cigar humidors are often a step above desktop humidors. With luxury humidors, the don’t only hold large amounts of cigars – they look beautiful, too. Luxury humidors are made from a wide range of different materials. Some have exteriors made with rich oak and maple.

Others use mahogany to create a unique, classic look. Even more have marble, ivory, and other similar accents. There have even been humidors which doubled as chess sets in both design and function. When it comes to buying a luxury humidor, most people consider it an investment because of both their beauty and function.

When looking for a humidor, make sure that the exterior is both durable and airtight. A humidor that isn’t airtight cannot keep its humidity levels or temperature constant. Cedar lining is an excellent way to keep tobacco beetles out of your cigars, and it also imbues cigars with a delicious flavor over time. This is why most cigar experts suggest getting a humidor with cedar lining. Ideally, temperatures will range from 68 to 72 degrees inside your humidor.

The Humidors Job

The humidor’s job is keep the cigar in a stable environment which is 70% Fahrenheit and 70% humidity. The cigar professionals know the best temperature for preserving a cigar is right at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature drops any lower, the cigar will age and lose some of its flavor. Humidors are made to preserve the taste and flavor of the cigar, not age them or dry them out.

What are the key elements to look for when buying a humidor?

A quality humidor needs to shut completely and the lid should seal tight. This keeps the cigars from any outside dangers and prevents moisture from seeping in. The seams should hold the cigar tightly, without causing damage. Cedar wood is the best choice for the interior, especially Spanish cedar if possible. Above all, make sure your humidor fits your favorite brand of cigars before you make a final purchase.

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