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Humidors come in every size and for every need, from pocket sized one-three cigar leather pouches to full-sized cabinets and end tables. They are an important asset for both keeping your cigars from drying out, and for aging them to a delicious, full-bodied flavor.

Whether you are storing just a few or have a full collection, you want the best humidors your money can buy. Every cigar smoker needs a modest sized, easily portable humidor that can be placed on the desk, coffee table or in the bedroom.

stocked humidor and hygrometerAt you will find humidor reviews, cigar reviews, and cigar accessory recommendations that are both well researched and organized.

Since I know that it can be frustrating looking for a humidor that fits your needs whether it’s a gift, or an elegant hand crafted humidor for your upscale decor, I’ll cut right the chase and provide a list of the best humidor reviews for the different classes of humidors (just below).

However, if you want information and a guide to humidors and cigars there see the right navigation bar for categories, recent articles, and a search box.

I am certain you’ll find what you are looking for…

Whether you simply want to learn cigar terminology so you know what you are talking about, how to choose a cigar more effectively, how to season a humidor, or if you want to learn to blow smoke rings, ‘s all right here. And we are constantly adding new cigar humidor reviews and articles all the time.

Without Further Adéu, Here Are The Best Humidor Reviews For Each Humidor Classification:

If you want a breakdown of the top selections of each humidor review (we choose anywhere from the top 2 to the top 5 humidors and write about them) see below for the actual review pages.

Our cigar humidor reviews and recommendations will delight even the most scrupulous cigar aficionado. We do a thorough analysis of cigars and humidors and provide our unbiased reviews of them.

For example, here are our most recent and more popular articles and reviews of humidors and cigar accessories:

In addition we want you to learn more about cigars, and cigar storage. After all, a quality cigar is a substantial investment so why not discover more about this fine pastime.

As a result of garnering knowledge of cigars and humidors, you’ll enjoy them more. For example, discover more about cigar and alcohol pairing.

We don’t just focus on humidor reviews. For example:

How A Humidor Works:

inside desktop humidorResearch shows that cigars that have been aged for a couple of years before they are smoked have a better taste than those that are taken immediately after their processing.

You can age cigars up to ten years, if you store them properly.

The process of aging is supposed to be done by the manufacturers but because they want to make more money they are forced to sell their cigars before the taste has improved completely. It is therefore important for you to find a way of improving the taste of your cigars before you can take them.

There are not many ways of doing so, but a humidor is your best tool for again cigars. And this is why we do cigar humidor reviews because you don’t want to invest in a lousy humidor that destroys your cigar investment.

A humidor is basically a well crafted wooden container that is used for storing cigars so that they can age and improve on their taste. This humidor should have an optimal humidity of about 68%, give or take. The room temperature should be approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, most cigar humidors come with a properly installed humidification system that helps it to retain the required temperatures in its interior. This box also has a hygrometer that enables it to measure the temperature levels inside it.

Having a personal humidor will help you store your cigars for a period of your choice so that their taste can improve completely.

Stored CigarsA personal humidor is usually made of wood with its inside constructed with the highest quality cedar. However, before you purchase your humidor, it is important for you to understand how it works. Once you understand the entire process of using a personal humidor, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether it is the right thing to have in your home, office, or business.

The main purpose of having a humidor is to store, preserve, and age your cigars for a couple of years before you can light them. This process is important because it enables the cigars to improve on their taste. In fact, a good humidor can store cigars for years before they can be smoked. With its optimal humidity, the humidor removes excess moisture without drying your cigars out, giving it a better taste and longevity.

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