Milano Countertop Display Humidor

milano countertop display humidorthe Prestige Import Milano countertop display humidor, which is a spacious Milano cigar humidor, comes in handy if you are looking for a spectacular and luxurious way to display your cigars.

Display humiodors are  available in a variety of sizes and you can choose what will best serve you…

But this countertop display holds around 125 cigars on three angled shelves and has four glass sides and dividers that allow a 360 degree viewing which separates it from most display humidors.

A Countertop display enables you to view your cigars from all angles and it is one great purchase you will never regret.

Cigar connoisseurs can enjoy this amazing gadget and retail countertop who find pride in displaying a collection of all their cigars as well.

With a Milano countertop humidor the security of your contents is guaranteed because they are well equipped with a lock and key set.

With this magnificent gadget, you don’t have to worry about monitoring as they come with two humidifiers and an external hygrometer which makes this easy.

The two humidifiers do an excellent job in maintaining the appropriate humidity. An external hygrometer aids in checking internal humidity and therefore you don’t need to open the door to check the humidity. For a product that best suits your needs, always visit the best store of your choice for the best product.

A countertop display stores a large number of cigars and is usually a quality piece of furniture which looks great. And the Milano countertop display humidor is an attractive piece that has very good seals on the door and the durability of this piece is not questionable.

The display case looks great in any cigar store, or you can easily keep it in the living room as a décor.

This humidor requires some upgrading due to the fact that the humidifier comes with a delicate finish and therefore needs upgrading. It is very sensitive to weight and therefore you should not place anything on the top.

However, the gasket seal on it works great and therefore making the humidor easy to manage. The door of this very solid humidor closes with great seal. It is made of real glass and not Plexiglas with well constructed drawers and cedar linings that it will be fair to say this humidor is an incredible piece. If you want to show off your cigars to your friends and colleagues while at the same time keeping the cigars humidified, then countertop display is the perfect piece for you.

You can easily remove and replace the humidification devices. It has spacious drawers and the storage capacity varies with size of the countertop you purchase. From Prestige Import Group you will not only get the best products but the customer services offered are the best. If you have any question or problem they are always ready to respond and offer their assistance.

The hygrometer of this amazing piece can be replaced with a digital hygrometer. 

For serious smokers or cigar stores, this is the perfect humidor for you…

With great fit and finish, all countertop displays have humidity that usually stands at 70%. The prices of the countertop displays vary and therefore you can choose an item that lies within your budget.

Prices for the Milano countertop are very reasonable and affordable and the beauty about purchasing this item is that you can even buy it from the comfort of your own home. You can pay a visit to online stores and choose the item of your choice and place your order and it will be delivered to you. There are even loyalty programs in some of the stores that will help in getting you the countertop display at a very low price…

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