Montecristo Humidor Review

Is the Montecrisco humidor an exceptional cigar storage device? Lets find out…

Cigar lovers all have two things in common, a quality cigar and a humidor. What is a humidor? A humidor is a special box that holds all your favorite cigars and keeps them fresh for later use. If you leave them out, the tobacco will get dry and stale and the cigar will go to waste.

A humidor is a necessity, and there are a lot of styles, brands and types. So which one should you buy? Let’s talk about the Montecristo humidor, one of the best on the market with a lovely antique look.

Montecristo is the most popular brand of Habanos (cigars). Habanos smokers use the Montecristo brand of cigars to judge against other brands, so their name has a lot of expectation when they release a new product. Their logo consists of a triangle with red sides, cut out corners with cutlasses going through each line and a yellow seal in the middle.

The name Montecristo came from the hero Alexandre Dumas from the best-selling novel “The Count of Monte Cristo”. This movie was a film favorite among Torcedores (Cigar Makers in Spanish) at the H.Upman factory.


There are lots of styles you can choose from when picking the Montecristo Humidor. Do you own a lot of cigars, or a few? For the serious cigar owner, there’s a 75th anniversary humidor that can store 400 stogies. This large, beautiful box has Spanish cedar doors that can hold 25-40 cigars. It comes with keys and locks for each side door, a hygrometer, and a humi-brick to keep everything nice and fresh in the cedar trays.

montecristo 75th anniversary humidor
75th Anniversary Humidor

Is 400 too many? There’s a limited edition Montecristo Macassar Ebony 100 Cigar Humidor. This is made from Spanish cedar as well, and includes marquetry of the Montecristo logo on the top. It has a gold plated lock in the design of the logo as well. Comes in a brown felt carrying case and also has a hygrometer and humidifier and is a great gift as well for your cigar enjoying loved ones.

Montecristo Macassar Ebony 100
Montecristo Macassar Ebony 100

Are you on the go often? You can always get the small, travel sized Montecristo Media Noche humidor that stores 20 cigars. Lined with Spanish cedar, this compact keeps your cigars fresh, a magnetized cover that closes easily, scratch-resistant bottom and SureSeal Technology to keep humidity just right.

Montecristo Media Noche Humidor
Montecristo Media Noche Humidor
mini montecristo humidor
Mini Montecristo Humidor and Cutter

Another small one is the Montecristo humidor mini with cutter…

Looks like a regular cigar holder, except that it has a cutter at the top and a sponge on the bottom to keep the cigar fresh.

There’s nothing like a Montecristo, so you know you are getting quality instead of quantity.

If you are looking for a quality humidor that has been around for over 75 years and has marked itself as one of, if not the best, cigar makers in the business then you know what to buy.

Cigars are very expensive, and keeping them fresh is very important so save up, buy quality and keep those stogies ready for the next time you want one.

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