My Favorite Cabinet Humidors!

lehmans cigar cabinet
The Lehmans cigar cabinet is my favorite.

Lemans Cabinet Humidor:

  • This humidor holds up to 1500 cigars (1000-1500 depending on the size. Flat or angled storage.)
  • Very nice cherry wood finish.
  • Spanish cedar lined the cabinet.
  • The glass cabinet door is a full length door (see through).

The Lemans Cabinet Humidor is nearly as large as they get for humidors in the cabinet class. For it’s size and craftsmanship it is very well made for it’s price.

Frankly I’ve spent three times more for a cabinet nearly the same size. Mine was better quality, but if I had known that there was one such as the Lemans available at this price I would have dropped everything and ordered it.

Why spend more when you can get something of nearly the same quality?

It has a nice looking cherry wood finish which is the most popular finish in the humidor world, and it’s lined with Spanish cedar which is one of the most essential, or preferred wood types for cigar storage.

The glass cabinet door is full length and has a lock and key. The hygrometer is external and it’s built into the cabinet.

There are a total of 12 humidifiers (oblong in shape) which will help keep humidity at the right levels, and sustain them. They are kept in drawers that are located at the center of this cabinet humidor (on the bottom).

The Lemans Humidor has six large trays made of Spanish cedar which contain dividers, and supported by a shelf (also made of cedar). These trays are removable, and you can put cigar boxes on these shelves instead.

At six feet tall, it is larger than the picture indicates, and it hold many boxes of cigars. It’s right around 200 pounds.

There are also four adjustable stabilizers which are needed for a huge humidor. Don’t get one without them!

Lemans Humidor Tips:

In the back is a small hole with a rubber seal that you can use to allow wires to exit your humidor. This is necessary when you get an electronic humidifier for this humidor. As noted, it comes with humidifiers, but you will tire of these cheap units. So get an electric humidifier like this one.

This humidor, due to it’s size takes a few weeks to season. Season it before putting any cigars in the Lemans cabinet humidor because the dry wood will suck the moisture right out of you cigars, destroying your investment.

23 inches wide.
17 inches deep.
68 inches high.

Overall, for $800 (which is the best price around for this humidor), it’s an excellent humidor for the price.

Cuban Crafters Wine Cigar Cabinet
Unique multipurpose cabinet.

A Cabinet Humidor by Cuban Crafters: 400 count

  • The glass and side windows are beveled giving it a fine look and feel.
  • The wood has a beautiful cherry wood high gloss that goes with just about any room.
  • The hinges are gold plated.
  • As is usual for most quality humidors, it is lined with kiln dried Spanish cedar.

This is a unique cabinet humidors in that it holds up to 400 cigars, but it can also hold up to 8 bottles of fine wine making this a multipurpose unit.

I like this unit because it will add class and charm to any room. The picture does not do it justice.

One of the main features of the humidor is that it has a large door, and a shelf made for aerating cigars and or boxes. In addition it has too rows that store eight bottles of wine.

There is a drawer on the top that that has dividers and aerator trays that help display the nice looking hygrometer thought he glass, which is beveled and quite thick.

As described above it holds up to 400 stogies (give or take, depending on the size of them).

This cabinet humidor can serve both as a display for your cigars and wine, or as an end table where you can get quick access during your sit down, social engagements.


23 and 5/8 inches long.
23 and 5/8 inches wide.
32 inches high.

If you are looking for a combination cabinet humidor, one that holds both wine and cigars, this one is at the top of the range for quality wood cabinet humidors.

huge cigar cabinet
The batemen cigar cabinet is huge

The Bateman Cabinet Humidor

  • 3000 cigar storage capacity (of course, depending on the size of your stogies).
  • Store your cigars either flat or angled.
  • Well Constructed with Hardwood.
  • See through glass doors are full lenght and there are two of them!

The huge stogie storage capacity of this humidor is impressive, and the display and shelf design can’t be beat.

The two glass doors are full length, and they come with a lock and key. There is a built in hygrometer, and there are twenty four oblong humidifiers (which will do for a short while. They are cheap. So get an electric humidifier).

The humidifiers are stored inside the four drawers, and they are located at the bottom of this display.

In addition there are twelve large trays made of Spanish cedar and they have two adjustable dividers. The trays are each supported by a cedar shelf. You have the option to remove these trays and place boxes of your cigars in their place for display.

The price for cabinet humidors of this range are at a low of $2500 and up to $3500, easily. But you can find one several hundred dollars lower for sure.

49.5 inches wide.
17.25 inches deep.
70 inches high.

The Bateman Cabinet Humidor is the best humidor in its class, in my opinion. You can find one for $1900, and that’s about the best price you will find for it. If you do better I would question whether it’s a floor model, used, or damaged.

I would recommend the Lemans if you want to save a few bucks and don’t need to store this many cigars.

Tip: You will want to get an electric humidifier for this unit as well.

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