New York Humidor Review

New York HumidorNew York Humidor: 150 Count. It looks like a chest!

A man-styled chest with beautiful, ornate brass handles, broad enough for three man fingers to lift at each side. A domed, gold colored inlay top completes the illusion you have a pirate’s chest, but hey! Maybe you do.

The New York 150 Count Humidor is a real beauty. The exterior has a high lacquer finish, giving the humidor a deep cherry wood color. The inside is all Spanish cedar; it is lined in premium kiln dried Spanish cedar, has a cedar inner tuck seal, Spanish cedar dividers and a Spanish cedar tray that allows it maximum air circulation.

Cunningly made, the lid is mounted with hidden brass quadrant hinges and piano hinges, has a brass lock and a set of two keys. The bottom is felt lined to be non-abrasive to your furniture. It also includes a large analog hygrometer and a large humidifying element.

With a size of 15″ X 9.25″ X 8″, and a tray size of 14″ X 7.5″ X 1.5″, this tabletop humidor will hold up to 150 cigars. States one satisfied customer, he stores 94 cigars at a time, and it will hold 150 easily of 50-60 ring gauge.

Customers like the extra-large hygrometer making readings and adjustments easy, and the heavy duty feel of this man-sized humidor. If you prefer a digital hygrometer, the analog hygrometer it comes with is very easy to replace.

The most important aspects are that it’s roomy, it’s brawny and it humidifies your cigars perfectly. If you want a humidor that makes a statement, here is exactly the humidor for you. Flourish your keys and open proudly, because on the inside, as well as the outside, you have a treasure chest.

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