Old Cigars Versus Fresh Cigars

Old Cigars - Aged Cigars
Old Cigars - Aged Cigars

Choosing the Perfect Cigar: Old Cigars Versus New Fresh Cigars

Do you know the difference between old cigars and fresh cigars? Do you even know what those terms mean? If you are a new cigar smoker, you may be surprised by these terms. An important thing to note, cigars are never fresh. This means simply, it is difficult to buy a cigar right after it has been produced. Most tobacco stores will but their cigars in a proper storage unit, at the correct temperature and humidity, before placing them out for sale. The best tobacco should be aged for at least one to two years, before it is rolled into a top notch cigar.

Most cigar smokers prefer an older, more vintage cigar. Or an aged cigar. Why is that? The age of the cigar is a big factor in the taste of cigars; and it is simply a matter of preference as well. How long do vintage cigars last before losing their flavor? The key is in the storage in a quality humidor. Keeping cigars at a constant state of 70 degrees and 70% humidity, will keep them fresh for years.

If an old cigar is stored incorrectly and dries out, can it be saved? Yes, it can be restored and the flavor saved, but the process needs to be done with patience as it is a slow, careful process to re-humidify it (or put moisture back into the cigar).


  1. Tom

    How can you say that age doesn’t affect the taste of a cigar. Do you think we put our cigars away for years and years just for kicks? Aging a cigar can greatly improve its flavor. Here is an article from the Cigar Aficionado website:

    “Aging mellows the taste of cigars. Aging may lend complexity to a cigar as the smoke picks up flavor from the cedar found inside humidors, or it may deepen the pure tobacco flavors when cigars are stored in a neutral environment such as in glass, metal or ceramic.

    Either way, as the tobacco loses some of its high humidity and oil content, the flavors settle down, marry and mellow—the more time, the more pronounced the difference.

    The environment you choose for aging will affect the results. Some people feel that cigars kept in their original boxes inside a humidified cabinet will benefit the most with age. Others feel that combining different cigars in one humidor is the better way to go, allowing their flavors and aromas to mingle as opposed to separating them by brand or country of origin. Regardless of preference, the effects of aging are indisputable.”

  2. bhonest2

    Thank you for identifying that problem. It was a mistake on our part and we corrected it thanks to you 🙂

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