Palermo Humidor Review!

The Palermo Humidor is a respectable choice when if you want to keep your cigars fresh, keep the moisture in, and do it at a reasonable cost. Don’t run the risk of having your expensive cigars ruined get yourself a good humidor like the Palermo…

Features Of The Palmero:
palmero humidor

This humidor has many great features that make it an attractive purchase for keeping your cigars free of moisture and the best that they can be. This humidor is quite large and can accommodate up to 150 cigars with three drawers for organizations.

The Palmero humidor is ideal if you have different types of cigars and you want to keep them separate. Use the drawers in this humidor to organize your cigars the way that you want.

This humidor has great moisture retention and the unit is made with Spanish kiln-dried cedar wood. There’s gold plated handles and drawer pulls on the unit and there’s a glass top for showing off your cigar collection. The unit has a front-mount glass hydrometer and the bottom is felt-lined so it’s scratch resistant. The unit measures 17 x 13 x 10 inches.

Great Price!

You would expect to pay over $100.00 dollars for this humidor but it’s priced right at below $100.00 which makes it an excellent bargain for anyone who wants a great humidor but doesn’t have a whole lot of money for one.

The unit can even make older cigars taste great and by placing your old cigars in this humidor you’ll give them back their moisture content and flavor. Users who purchased this humidor say it’s an excellent product for making older cigars taste great again.

Great Right Out of the Box:

Many humidors require fine tuning before you can use them properly. You need to make adjustments and hope that they provide you a great tasting cigar. The Palermo humidor is great right out of the box and you won’t have to do any adjusting to it to get great tasting cigars.

This humidor is great for storing your cigar collection until you’re ready to use them. Don’t trust your expensive cigars to lower cost humidors as they don’t have the features that the Palermo unit has. You’ll be satisfied with the performance of this unit the first time that you use the product.

Seasoning The Palmero:

It’s always best to season your Palmero humidor before you use it. You can do this by putting a small shot glass of distilled water in the unit before you use it. Make sure you use distilled water and not tap water when you season the unit. The wood will absorb the moisture from the water.

You can leave this in for a few days and then the unit is ready to go. Some people might want to change the humidifier and buy a better unit but this is all based on you preferences.

My Experience:

I was looking for a humidor to store my cigars as my last one didn’t give me the performance that I desired. When I bought the Palermo I figure it would be another poor product as it was under $100.00.

I simply don’t have the income right now to buy a more expensive humidor. Despite the fact that it has a low cost I was amazed at the performance of the unit. My cigars taste better than they have in a long time and they aren’t dried out anymore. This unit is top quality product for its price range. There’s a nice brass plate inside the humidor that you can engrave if you want to and it comes with instructions in case you have never used one of these units before.

Average Humidor:

The Palmero humidor is perfect for the average cigar smoker. It’s by no means the best unit you can buy but it performs quite well for under $100.00. This unit will suit the needs of most cigars smokers but if you ar looking for a premium humidor you will of course spend more money on one. The Palermo humidor gets the job done and it does it well and is a very reasonably priced humidor with a lot of features for the money you spend.

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