Proper Cigar Etiquette

Cigar Etiquette Advice:

Cigar smoking may be one of life’s great joys, but not everyone takes pleasure in the taste, or smell of a fine Cuban cigar. The popular anti-smoking crusades out in full-force make enjoying a stogie while not offending anyone a top priority. One thing to remember is that while you may enjoy the smell of the cigar, others may be overwhelmed by the strong odor. Don’t forget smoke from cigars can linger on clothes, furniture, and the walls. It is important to remember there are other people out there. Learning to be thoughtful and courteous while smoking your cigar is of upmost importance.   

cigar etiquette
cigar etiquette

You may live in a place full of non-smokers; find an area of your home that is well-ventilated and doesn’t disturb the others. Make sure to always smoke in a well-ventilated room, one with windows. Don’t hide away in a back bedroom or den with no windows. If you smoked in a closed area, you are more likely to breathe in the toxic fumes from the cigar. If need be, go outside to smoke. Grab a lawn chair, kick back on the porch, and relax in the open air. Make sure you are a fair distance from non-smokers, especially those with weaker lungs like children or elderly people. Cigar smoke gives of fumes which contain carcinogens that might be inhaled by non-smokers.

If you want to enjoy a cigar out in public, pay close attention to the signs and only smoke in permitted areas. Most bars, hotels, and restaurants no longer allow smoking, so do not light up in any of those places. It is a good idea to limit your smoking to times you are in the company of fellow smokers. Be polite to non-smokers and ask their permission before lighting up in their presence. If you are smoking in their presence be courteous and blow the smoke away from them. Always sit close to an open window if inside. Make sure the wind or air conditioner is not blowing the smoke into their face. Be courteous to those who may be eating, no one wants secondhand smoke or ashes in their food.

A polite, well-mannered cigar smoker is always aware of what is going on with your ashes. If you are out in public dispose of your ashes in designated containers. Ashes are light weight and may blow away in the wind, especially in cheaper cigars. Don’t litter your ashes or cigars and be careful your ashes don’t blow onto those around you.

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