Quality Importers Desktop Humidor Palermo

palermo humidor

The Palermo humidor is a great beginner humidor as well as a fine piece for the coneseuer on a budget.

It’s very popular because it’s looks elegant, it not gaudy, and it’s very well priced.

Features of the Palermo Humidor:

  • The humidor has a felt lined bottom that is scratch resistant.
  • It has gold plated hinges that are well hidden.
  • It comes with a glass hygrometer that has brass frame.
  • It has a lock and key with tassel
  • An engravable brass nameplate
  • This very large desktop humidor comes with three drawers for precise organization.
  • The humidor has a storage capacity of about 150 cigars.
  • The piece has an excellent aroma and moisture retention ability given by the Spanish cedar.
  • It has a tempered glass top which is perfect for displaying and showing off your cigars.
  • The Palermo humidor has drawers with gold plated handles.
  • It features a front mount hygrometer with a brass frame.
  • This product weighs 19.3 pounds with a dimension of 13x10x17 inches.
  • With a heavy glass insert, the Palermo humidor looks very expensive and solid.
  • With a nice smooth knot cedar finish in the interior, it’s the perfect humidor you should think of storing your cigars.

Being a bit drier than the ideal hygrometer, manufacturer’s instructions need to be followed with this humidor in order to place the required shot glass of clear water in the Spanish box and allow it to season overnight.

A 70% level of humidity that usually stabilizes is held in the humidor with periodic changes that normally come with this humidor. No extra beads or gels or any other moisture balancing devices that are required to make the humidor work perfectly. Reasonable prices are offered for this piece catering for every person’s budget.

The glass top and the exterior hygrometer makes it more interesting in terms of functionality and worth every extra dollar as compared to the more stripped down version of the humidor product. This is the perfect way to store several dozens of cigars as it is very elegant and cost efficient. With a very clean smooth finish on clear wood it’s very appealing and beautiful in the eye. It is a very perfect gift to a friend who is a smoker.

For an anniversary gift to your husband, a Palermo humidor will be perfect as men love heavy and hydraulic things. No cedar odor is allowed outside the humidor by the lid that is sealed tightly. This pretty and simple humidor is one piece you should have.

Excellent and crystal clear instructions are provided and a Dry Mistat Humidi Tube, a Single Tube or a Cigar Tube Humidifier can be added. It’s very easy to control humidity and if you are an occasional smoker or you have a few dozens of cigars, this humidor will be an excellent piece to own.

With a perfect design and a nice size and very discreet, this Spanish box is very attractive and the best way to store your smokes. This humidor has a great smell and is recommendable for starters.

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