Scarface Humidor Review!

scarface humidor
This picture does not do this amazing humidor justice. Not even close...

The Scarface Humidor is a limited edition, handcrafted humidor. It was handcrafted by Daniel Marshall, a well known cigar aficionado and humidor craftsman. It takes four months to build a handcrafted Daniel Marshal Humidor!

The Scarface Humidor truly is a limited edition piece. There were only one thousand of these made. And when you buy this luxury cigar humidor, you will be getting a treasure trove of Scarface movie items that you can’t get anywhere else. Perhaps this is the best part of the Scarface Limited Edition Humidor package?

It is painted by hand, and polished by hand with the famous Daniel Marshal 1000 coat finish. It’s absolutely stunning.

The interior is equally as brilliant as the exterior. It’s is made of Spanish cedar (which is untreated), and there is a hygrometer (analog). The Scarface Humidor is expertly crafted and is guaranteed to age 100 cigars properly at the essential levels of humidity required to do so.

Your humidor will come with:

  • A certificate which verifies the authenticity of this handcrafted humidor (with the designers signature)
  • A plaque which is numbered
  • A Scarface on Blu-ray…a limited edition Blu-ray. And it’s re-mastered with bonus features that have never been available before, and only on this Blu-ray. The disc is enclosed in SteelBook (and it’s collectable as well)
  • A digital copy of the movie.
  • The original 1932 Scarface on DVD.
  • 10 art cards which are totally original (these are amazing).

This humidor and all of the collectible pieces that come with it are in my opinion a quality investment, and it’s something you and your family will cherish for many years to come.

About Scarface The Movie:

Everyone knows Scarface. Al Pacino had given one of the most powerful performances of his life in this movie. As it’s rightly said, nobody could play Tony Montana better than Pacino.

scarface bathtub sceneNo wonder, Scarface is regarded as the most powerful gangster movie ever made. That’s quite surprising, considering the fact that it was a big flop when it was first released.

Most of the critics trashed this masterpiece as soon as it released. General public and critics realize the power of this cinematic masterpiece only after many years of its release.

As everybody knows that it became a cult classic, and one of those rare gangster movies that not only focuses on the violent aspects of being a gangster or drug king pin, it also efficiently brings out the human aspects too. The prime example here is the cocaine fueled journey of the protagonist where he tries too hard to fulfill, what we call, the ultimate American dream.

Considering the popularity of the movie; you must have seen this movie or at least you are familiar with the storyline. Let’s have a look at some of the special features of this Scarface Limited Edition Film that is part of this huge humidor package:

As far as the video quality of this re-mastered movie is concerned; it’s nothing less than extraordinary. If you watch the blue ray version in high definition, the colors are vivid, and you will be able to see even the smallest of details. When concern about the sound quality, this new edition comes with 7.1 audio; however, the difference is not that noticeable in dialogue, but you can clearly notice it in the back ground music.

This Scarface film and Humidor is a collector’s edition. When you buy this movie, you will get it in a special steel case, which also include graphic artworks and ten collectible cards related to Scarface. What’s more, you will also get an additional disc of the 1932 movie with the same name on, which this film is based.

If you are searching for extras, you won’t be disappointed as the film comes with a lot of extras. There is a mini three part documentary titled, “The Scarface Phenomenon” that takes a closer look at its various aspects, which make it such a cult classic and such a big part of pop culture. Also, there is a commentary from Eli Roth and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill.

This special edition takes the movie to a whole new level by offering you the interesting world of cocaine cowboys of 1980’s. It features the comments and personals takes of many law enforcement officers and DEA agents.

say hello to my little friend
Say Hello To My Little Friend!

The most interesting bit about Scarface Humidor is that it includes The Making of Scarface – The Video Game. It gives you a glimpse of the voice actors and the technology that went in the making of this awesome video game.

The footings of recording studio featured many artists such as, Wilmer Valderrama, Ling Bai, Tommy Lee, Sen Dog, Michael York, Anthony Anderson, Cheech & Chong, Ice-T, Robert Loggia, among others.

Apart from these extra features, this special edition also includes the deleted scenes.

Some of the earlier DVDs also feature these scenes; however, here directors and the producers are giving the exact reasons for the deletion of these scenes, and reasons to choose location outside of Florida etc. Without any doubt, these are the things that make this edition a priceless edition.

I highly recommend this collectors edition of the Scarface Humidor and movie. It’s awesome.

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