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Cigar Humidor
Cigar Humidor

How To Season A Cigar Humidor

Owning a cigar humidor allows you to protect your wonderful cigars for many, many years.  This is what many people think.  However, just owning a humidor is no cause for celebration.  Your new humidor must be seasoned before it is worth its weight in gold.

Both old and new humidors need to be seasoned.  Humidors are usually made of cedar or mahogany wood.  This wood is part of the humidification system.  It helps to provide flavor and humidity to your precious cigars.  If it is not seasoned, the cigars will dry out due to the fact that the wood will absorb moisture from the cigars themselves.  The function of the humidor is to make sure that enough moisture is maintained for the long life of your cigars.
Cedar and mahogany are both very good agents to hold humidity.  They also contain an anti-fungal agent that is resistant to mold, which makes them the best choices for humidors.  Seasoning a humidor is fairly easy.  You need to have some distilled water and a new sponge.  Distilled water is important because it does not contain the minerals and impurities that are in tap water.  These minerals and impurities leave deposits that can destroy the dehumidification devices present in a humidor.

In order to season your humidor, you need to soak the sponge in distilled water and wipe down the surface of the interior wood.  Specifications should be followed when filling the humidification device.  Soak the sponge again and put it in a plastic bag to prevent direct contact with the wood.  Place the bag inside the humidor and close the lid.  Then you let it sit for 24 hours and check to see how much moisture is still in the sponge.  If it is dry, then you will want to repeat the process.  If it is still wet, then you should remove the sponge from the humidor.  Then you should wipe down the interior surface of the wood again.  Then you can refill the humidification device.
It is very important to maintain a balance of moisture for your beloved cigars.  This is why we have humidors.  They create a “tropical environment.”  It takes a very talented, knowledgeable, and patient person to make sure that they season a humidor right to create this environment.  It is quite easy to do, but it is very important to protect the cigars.

Humidors come equipped with a hygrometer.  These are important because they give a reading of the humidity level.  If the humidity is too high, then you must simply leave the lid open for a while.  If it is too low, then you should add more distilled water to the humidification device.  If it is really bad, then you should leave a wet sponge inside the humidor for twenty four hours.  Make sure that the sponge does not touch the cigars.  At this point in time, many people choose to store their cigars in plastic bags to keep them from getting wet.

It is specifically recommended that cigars that are stored on top of each other be separated by straws to maintain an even balance of air and moisture in the humidor.  It is also important to know that your cigars should be rotated on a regular basis.  Rotate them from top to bottom and from side to side.  Now you are finally ready to enjoy your beloved cigars!  And you can see the benefits of having your own humidor that is seasoned properly.  So kick back and enjoy yourself a stogie!

Tips for seasoning:

  • The first step is to remove the analog hygrometer from the box and calibrating it with a calibration kit.
  • For a few hours, at least 6 hours, seal the hygrometer inside a very clear zip bag. Re-secure the hygrometer to the humidor. Charge the humidifier using a glycol mix that normally comes with it. A Xicar brand can be used. All you need is to wet it and avoid over saturating it. The humidifier should be dried.
  • Adding a small dish or shot glass of distilled in the center is normally the third step. It is then left to reach the highest humidification of approximately 70% for a period of like two weeks but the humidifier should be checked daily.
  • An analog hygrometer can be upgraded to a digital hygrometer .For an elegant and efficient way to store your cigars, visit the site.

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