The 5 Best Humidors!

For anybody who loves to smoke good quality cigars a humidor is an essential piece of equipment. Humidors are much more than just storage boxes for cigars, as they also incorporate technology to maintain the moistness and freshness of cigars at room temperature.

A humidification device inside the humidor will keep humidity at a constant optimal level of around seventy percent. This level is monitored by a hygrometer. In addition to keeping cigars in the perfect condition for smoking, humidors can also make very attractive pieces of furniture. The following is a list of the five best humidors which can be bought for the home.Bally One Hundred Count

A beautiful looking humidor is the Bally One Hundred Count. As the name suggests, the humidor will store one hundred cigars at a time. It has a very stylish design, with a glass top and an analogue hygrometer on the front. It has a Spanish cedar lining, which is widely regarded as being the best wood for construction of humidors. It has a removable tray with a separate section underneath, and a felt bottom. Its elegant look is completed with

Grandeur humidor
The Grandeur Humidor

The Grandeur is another very stylish humidor. Made from light cedar, this has a capacity for storing up to seventy-five cigars. It has a rectangular humidifier, and an internal analogue hygrometer. It is very well constructed, with piano hinges and a drawer which can be pulled out. It features accoutrements of solid brass, and a gold plated lock and key set.solid brass hinges, and it is fully lockable.

Churchill humidor
The Churchill Humidor

Named after the famous cigar smoking former British prime minister, the Churchill humidor is one fit for a statesmen. It is a large design with an attractive dark cherry finish. This humidor can hold one hundred and twenty-five cigars, making it suitable for any cigar smoker’s needs. It has a striking exterior hygrometer. It is lined with Spanish cedar, and features a divider tray which can be pulled out.

Bellagio humidor
Vegas Bellagio humidor

The Bellagio humidor is named after the famous hotel in Las Vegas. It has a tempered glass top and a hygrometer mounted on the front and finished with an elegant brass ring. Holding up to one hundred cigars, this humidor is designed to form an air tight seal when the lid is closed. Lined with Spanish cedar and and with a felt lined bottom, this is an attractive looking humidor of the finest quality. It is available in either a black oak or a rosewood finish.

Elray humidor
The Elray Humidor

Last, but not least, there is the El Rey. My personal favorite desktop humidor. This beautiful mahogany, glass topped humidor can store up to one hundred and fifty cigars. Due to its larger capacity it includes two humidifiers to keep the cigars extremely fresh, in addition to an internal analogue hygrometer. Fully lined with Spanish cedar, the El Rey has three separate dividers and a removable tray. It comes complete with a brass lock and key set.

These are the five best humidors on the market today (desktop size), however there are hundreds available. They come in a range of elegant designs, meaning that anyone can find one to suit their needs. They provide an essential function as well as looking extremely stylish within the home.

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  1. Jill


    I’m interested in the El Rey Humidor. It is a gift and I know nothing about them. On 1 website it suggests upgrading the humidifier to the Hydra Electronic. Is that something you would suggest as well?

    Thanks so much!!

  2. bhonest2

    Hi there Jill,

    The El Rey Humidor is excellent, especially for the price. You may not need to get the humidifier upgraded. I would buy it and see how it works because often they work fine but then a defect in the humidifier may cause issues. Or, buy a better humidifier as an extra gift for the person you are gifting if you can afford the extra cost so that you avoid all problems. But I am confident you will not have an issue. Best price anywhere is here:

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