The Best Cheap Cigars: Top 7

What are the best cheap cigars available?  Well, that depends on a number of things; primarily on your definition of the word “cheap.”  While there are some who would not blink at spending $10.00 or more per cigar (and consider it a bargain), there are plenty who cannot justify more than a few dollars per cigar given their current budget, but who are just as anxious for a good, satisfying smoke as those with money to (pardon the expression) burn.

Finding the Best Cheap Cigars:

Finding the best to rated cigars that don’t cost a heap of money does not necessarily mean that you have to give up quality of flavor, and while every true guitar aficionado knows just how expensive the best Cuban cigars can be, there are a number of alternatives that can be had for less than $4.00 each; a price that won’t break the bank, but for which you can still acquire a smooth and tasteful smoke.

The cigars listed below may not be available at every grocery checkout, but by doing a little research you should be able to find these in a Tobacco or Cigar shop.  If not, check the brands out online and see if you can find a good quality supplier who does not charge a great deal for shipping and handling.

Drew Estate Java Maduro Wafe

At $3.80, the Drew Estate Java Maduro Wafe is actually not a bad cigar.  It’s rich, smooth taste has an undertone of chocolate and cocoa and finishes up tasting like espresso – it even smells good!

Drew Estate Cigars
Drew Estate Java Maduro Wafe

Finick’s Rum & Honey Slims

At just $1.00 apiece you may be skeptical of the Rum & Honey Slims, but they are really excellent quality smokes!  With a hint of honey, these mild, rum flavored cigars have an easy draw and will have you hooked in no time.

Finick’s Rum And Honey Slims Cigars
Finick’s Rum & Honey Slims

Another very inexpensive cigar, Finck’s Cheroots Toro is only $1.65, but tastes like it should cost much more.  It’s light pepper and cedar flavor is decidedly smooth and never goes bland.

Finck’s Cigars
Finck’s Cheroots Toro

Helix Remix Amaretto Petite Corona

At $2.65, the Helix Remix Amaretto Petite Corona has a very flavorful wrapper that smells good even before you light it up.  The underlying almond and amaretto flavor will have your taste buds popping.

Helix Remix Amaretto Petite Corona Cigars
Helix Remix Amaretto Petite Corona

La Gloria Cubana Wavell

At $4.00 even, the La Gloria is the most expensive cigar on this “cheap” cigars list.  Its cedar undertone and peppery ending makes it a very satisfactory smoke.

La Gloria Cubana Wavell Cigars
La Gloria Cubana

Rum Runner Buccaneer

The Rum Runner Buccaneer is, at $2.20, a very good deal when it comes to flavor and fullness.  Its light rum flavor is incredibly rich and it even comes with a good tasting wrapper.

Rum Runner Cigars
Rum Runner Buccaneer Cigars

Drew Estate Java Maduro

At $380, the Drew Estate Java Maduro is rather bigger than the Wafe, and while not quite as satisfactory, it is a good deal for the price and size, and its smooth cocoa flavor will make you a fan.

Drew Estate Java Maduro Cigars
Drew Estate Java Maduro's


  1. Robin Rushlo

    Drew Estate Java Maduro Wafe, reading my mind today first my humidor now one of my traveling cigars wow. cheap but always good.

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