The Best Himdor In The World!

What is the best humidor in the world? Well, cigar aficionados are known for being picky about many things – foods, wines, cigar flavors, et cetera. However nothing is a higher priority for them as getting the best possible humidor for their favorite cigars. With the many different humidors out on the market, it’s difficult to figure out which one is the best. They come in all shapes and sizes, but one humidor brand  has been the repeated choice of cigar expert after cigar expert. This is the Daniel Marshall humidor line.

Daniel Marshall humidors have been featured in many cigar-related publications, and have won awards for their excellent storage abilities. Unlike inexpensive options, Daniel Marshall humidors are made out of real wood, with exotic wood patterns. They are made to last, and made to last as both a humidor and a conversation piece. The best humidor that Daniel Marshall offers in our opinion is the DM Chess Humidor.

The DM Chess Humidor isn’t just an expertly created humidor. This humidor is also a chess board, and comes wiith its own chessmen rest for those times when you aren’t mid-game. With beautifully crafted chess pieces, a stunning rosewood and maple chessboard, and a hidden humidor, this is one of the few humidors that will even impress the most anti-smoking personality, and could be the best humidor in the world?

Each Daniel Marshall humidor follows the 70/70 rule, and comes with its own digital meter, and humidification system. For added convenience, the Daniel Marshall Chess humidor comes with a mounted magnet cutter, and holds room for a standard lighter. This exquisite and roomy humidor holds up to 40 cigars with ease.

This spectacular chessboard/humidor hybrid was originally intended as a birthday gift for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who happens to be both a cigar and chess enthusiast. Despite being a Hollywood-grade gift, this humidor is still within price range for most cigar enthusiasts at $395.

What the best humidor in the world really is depends on preference, style, and results really. But Daniel Marshall humidors have received top ratings around the world, and this humidor is perhaps the best that the company will ever make. This is why we rate the Daniel Marshall chess humidor as the best humidor in the world.

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