The Sao Paolo Humidor Review

sao paolo humidorThis Quality Importers Sao Paolo Humidor is in a Mahogany Finish and it’s quite the looker. This picture does not do it justice.

So if you are looking for an amazing humidor with unique features then the Sao Paolo Humidor is something you should strongly consider because it’s a low priced humidor with a luxury look and feel.

Features of Sao Paolo Humidor:

  • The Sao Paolo comes with a unique cameo inlay that is normally on the lid. The unique cameo adds impact and makes the piece more appealing to the eye.
  • This humidor also comes with an integrated hygrometer to monitor humidity levels.
  • Another feature in this humidor is a gold plated quadrant hinges with engraved brass nameplate that are hidden.
  • This piece weighs 2 pounds with a dimension of 12.5x5x9 inches and it’s original with a storage capacity of around 50 cigars.
  • The Sao Paolo Humidor comes with a single rounded humidifier and a single hygrometer that has brass frame.
  • It comes with a properly fitted lead seal usually on the closure and a lining made of a premium kiln Spanish cedar and a divider as well.
  • With a rich maple wood that has mahogany finish and a very special wooden cameo inlay style on the lid, this piece is very beautiful.
  • This humidor comes with a perfectly made Spanish cedar box that has a very nice and tight seal with durable hinges.
  • It has a larger humidor that is perfect for any person and when closed it seals perfectly and nicely and wind can be felt and heard blowing out of the humidor. This is a good way to prove a good humidor.

The only shortcomings about this product are that it has a very short inlay and the problem with this is that it hardly stays in position when the humidor is moved around. This is not a big deal. But there is always a variety of humidors with firm inlay’s and you can choose what suits you best.

It has a low quality foam humidifier. The humidifier is very simple and gets hardly any humidity where it’s required.

You can get various options for humidification’s that are normally available in stores or online with us. To match the quality of the Spanish cedar box, a gel based humidifier is more appropriate.

sao paolo humidor openHumidity in the humidor is usually at 69-70% at all times, of course.

The worst problem according to some customers is that the hygrometer sometimes fails, though it can be upgraded easily. A gel humidifier and the charging liquid can be acquired when needed and the hygrometer can be replaced with a digital hygrometer to make it a perfect humidor.

Instructions which are very easy to follow are normally provided on how to season the humidor when you purchase the Sao Paolo humidor.

The hygrometer that is usually off by about two degrees does a very excellent job.

The humidifier that comes with the humidor can be replaced with a Drymistat Humidifier Tube. If you are on a tight budget and you are looking for something cheaper, this is the perfect humidor for you. The price of the piece is very reasonable with especially if you can get free shipping.

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